Allegion Launches Schlage XE360 Series Wireless Locks for Multifamily Applications

Electronic Lock Portfolio Enables Stronger Security and Increased Productivity

Allegion has introduced the Schlage XE360™ Series Wireless Locks, a new electronic lock portfolio designed with multifamily market needs –like style and technology– in mind, at an attractive price point.  

The XE360 Series is the next generation of innovative electronic locks from Schlage, outfitted with the options and features most looked for by multifamily properties and made to fit the needs of a wide range of common area openings.

With in-demand finishes and modern lever styles, the XE360 Series was designed to complement a variety of design styles.

It operates in an offline or No-Tour environment, which eliminates the need for property managers to visit the lock as credentials update the access rights.  

“Designed specifically for the multifamily market and backed by Schlage’s legacy of trust and innovation, the XE360 Series is a versatile and affordable solution to create safe and secure communities for residents and enhance the multifamily living experience,” said Brian Telljohann, Director of Product Management, Commercial Electronics at Allegion.

“A strategic evolution of our multifamily ecosystem, the XE360 Series seamlessly integrates with Schlage Control® mobile-enabled smart locks and features applications across the entire building, which allows multifamily operators to leverage a single access control and management solution without compromising security and design.”   

Freedom of Choice  

Integrated with Allegion and third-party access control software providers and proptech systems, the XE360 Series’ open architecture design provides property owners and operators the flexibility to choose between management systems and delivers a convenient and secure experience for residents.  

Leading Credential Technologies  

The trend of mobile access control is increasing in popularity for apartment selection. According to Allegion’s 2023 Multifamily Living Trends Report, over 59% of survey respondents would select a future place of residence if they were able to access their unit using a mobile device. The XE360 Series supports the latest mobile credential technologies, including MIFARE®, Bluetooth® and NFC mobile, with advanced encryption to keep data and communications safe. 

Design-Forward Aesthetic  

The Schlage XE360 boasts a next level design that provides property owners with a seamless aesthetic across all openings regardless of the type of door and required lock installation. Thoughtfully engineered, the uniquely concealed key override maintains the sleek look of the lock on the door, providing residents with a modern design without compromising peace of mind.  

Future-Ready Connectivity 

The new and innovative FleX Module™ board allows the XE360 Series locks to be easily upgraded in the field to allow migration from an offline to networked solution and adapt to emerging trends in security and connectivity as the building’s needs or technology change. 

“As the multifamily market continues to evolve, the XE360 Series equips property owners and managers with a curated set of features designed to simplify access control, thoughtful designs and finishes to complement today’s aesthetics, and the power to choose software that meet the needs of their building,”

said Telljohann. 

The XE360 Series builds upon Schlage’s multifamily electronic access control ecosystem, including Schlage Control smart locks, designed specifically for multifamily resident doors. Property owners can now outfit all openings – including main entrances, resident entrances, paths of egress, common areas and workspaces – with a one system solution. 

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