SureView Announces SureView Operations


SureView announced the launch of their new online subscription service—SureView Operations (OPS).

This new service simplify the management of Security Operations Centers (SOCs), making it easier for managers to organize, measure, and adapt their operation.

“We took the lessons we learned working with many of the largest tech and commercial companies in the world, and then specifically designed a subscription interface that is easy to use and quick to implement.

Managers can immediately measure the performance of their team while the response interface is designed to be simple enough for an operator to use on their first day on the job. We built this service so that any security operation, regardless of its size, will immediately see faster response times and improved security outcomes”, says Simon Morgan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

For operators, it all starts with an event. An event might be as simple an entry into the Activity Log or raising an alarm for response based on a tip from an employee.

In any situation, the single interface of OPS standardizes and speeds-up response because all the relevant information is already there—action plan, map, call list, available guards, and location information.

No more wasting time jumping back and forth looking for information in multiple systems. Meanwhile, every action of the operator is recorded in the real-time, date-stamped, audit trail, providing critical data for post-event analysis, auditing, and reporting. 

For Managers, OPS allows them to implement a system that scales up-or-down and can be accessed securely no matter where their team is located. This level of resilience is especially important when social distancing and local ordinances remain fluid.

Additionally the Insights reporting tool, built into Ops, delivers a simple way to measure and visualize the performance of their operation.

Every OPS account is pre-populated with common event types, operational reports, and even a full suite of action plans.   New customers can sign up immediately for a 30-day free trial.