Avalor Emerges from Stealth with $30M to Make Sense of Security Data

Avalor announced the completion of a $25M Series A investment round led by TCV, with participation from Salesforce Ventures. Morgan Gerlak, Partner at TCV will join Avalor’s board of directors. This investment adds to a $5M Seed round led by Cyberstarts in 2022 with participation from Jibe Ventures.

Avalor will use the new funding to expand operations in the U.S. and Israel. The company is currently hiring for R&D, Product and Solution, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success.

While new to many in the security industry, data fabrics are well-known across broader infrastructure software. Gartner reports that “data fabric architecture is key to modernizing data management and integration,” noting its capability for “continuously identifying and connecting data from disparate applications to discover unique, business-relevant relationships between the available data points.”

Avalor’s Data Fabric for Security™ integrates disparate data sources from legacy systems, data lakes, data warehouses, SQL databases, applications or any source of data, providing a holistic view of business performance.

With the Avalor platform, security teams are able to:

Prioritize risks – Conduct analysis across an organization’s entire data surface, not just security data.
Align with business goals – Identify and communicate vulnerability remediation priorities with business context and KPIs.
Analyze complete, accurate, and precise data – Quickly and accurately respond to questions from the business using data from across the organization.
Empower stakeholders – Provide real-time transparency into data sources with labeling and lineage for the security team and internal partners.

“There are a lot of great security tools addressing a myriad of issues within a single security organization,” said Raanan Raz, co-founder and CEO, Avalor.

“However, they’re also creating siloed and isolated datastreams with their own taxonomy, and all these disjointed data sources make it difficult for CISOs and their teams to understand what’s really happening across the board. So we built Avalor to normalize, contextualize, and prioritize all that data for them.”

This market disruption is exactly what attracted early investors to Avalor.

“Security teams don’t struggle to generate data; they struggle to organize data so that it’s both actionable and useful,” said Morgan Gerlak, Partner, TCV.

“Avalor addresses this pervasive data problem and helps security teams make faster, more accurate decisions. Importantly, we believe the company’s data fabric can power several applications over time, starting with vulnerability management.”

“With the expansion of tools within the security stack, it’s critical for security teams to have a unified and correlated view of their data,” said Salesforce Ventures Managing Director Nowi Kallen.

“The Avalor team is bringing their security and data infrastructure expertise to uniquely position the company to drive the market forward, making it a part of every CISO’s operational stack.”

“A longstanding and growing problem exists for security organizations, understanding their data,” said Lior Simon, Avalor board member and General Partner, Cyberstarts.

“Truly understanding data requires deep data science experience, which is the core DNA of Avalor, and precisely the reason I invested in them during early ideation. Avalor’s uniquely qualified team of data engineers understand how to solve complex data problems, and the experience they bring having solved massive data problems in marketing can change the game for security as well.”

Vulnerability Management is Only the Beginning

Avalor is launching the first application powered by its security data fabric – a dedicated solution for vulnerability risk management and prioritization. Among the application’s primary benefits, security teams can now access:

Automatically aggregated, normalized, and de-duplicated risk data from discovery to remediation.
A single source of truth for assets, controls, identities, vulnerabilities, security bugs, and other related data points.

Avalor’s board of directors is another powerful advantage for the company, and includes respected leaders from the big data platform and security industries, including Doug Merritt, former CEO of Splunk and Emily Heath, former CISO of DocuSign and United Airlines.

“Cybersecurity is a data problem,” said Doug Merritt, Avalor board member and former CEO of Splunk.

“Challenges with the cyber landscape continue to swell as vendors appropriately generate compelling new technology that is coupled with last generation solutions. The cyber thread across this enormous number of specialty tools is data. But, gathering, synthesizing, and pulling accurate and effective insight out of this high volume of convoluted and complex data has remained elusive, until Avalor. Avalor has taken a unique and highly effective approach to solve this problem for both security and the business.”

“There is so much data available now in the world of security that it’s difficult for security to connect the dots and create a single source of truth that is both trusted and usable by our business partners,”

said Emily Health, Avalor board member, General Partner at Cyberstarts, and former CISO at DocuSign.

“As a CISO, I was so tired of not having a solution for this problem. Avalor has a tried and true leadership team who’ve built and operated massive data platforms inside a business with large enterprise customers. This is the solution I’ve been waiting for.”

Avalor is the Data Fabric for Security™, helping teams make faster, more accurate decisions by making sense of their data. Decisions can now be made with real-time access to complete, accurate, and precise information from any source in any format. visit: avalor.io

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