Axxon Next 4.5 is Released!

Axxon Next

AxxonSoft has launched version 4.5 of the Axxon Next intelligent VMS. This version introduces new GPU acceleration capabilities and AI video analytics, self-diagnostics service, support for licensing server, enhanced web client, and new server and GUI features.

GPU Acceleration

Server Side: Axxon Next now supports hardware-accelerated video decoding on integrated Intel GPUs (Intel® Quick Sync Video technology) and NVIDIA graphics cards. The decoded video can be analyzed with any standard or AI video analytics. For AI acceleration, Axxon Next utilizes NVIDIA and Intel® GPUs and dedicated AI accelerators.

Several cards can be installed on a single server for video decoding and/or AI acceleration. Thanks to this, one server can handle multiple times more cameras when using video analytics, which reduces hardware expenses.

Client Side: Along with Intel® Quick Sync Video, you can now use NVIDIA graphics cards for hardware video decoding when the video is displayed on the client’s screen, with the possibility to install several NVIDIA cards on a single client computer.

This provides smooth playback of dozens of Full HD video feeds, including H.265, without burdening the CPU. So, you can display more cameras on the client’s screen or use client computers with lower CPU performance specs. This feature enables building huge video walls using just a few client computers of average CPU performance, which makes the video surveillance system more cost-effective.

New Neural Network for Human Detection: A new “general” neural network for human detection has been developed, which accurately detects people in most standard situations from a regular viewing angle. For example, video surveillance in an office or a store, the camera is mounted under the ceiling, the optical axis of the lens is tilted from vertical by about 60°.

Under such conditions, the new neural network doesn’t require additional training and is immediately ready for use to handle common tasks — counting store visitors or people in a room, detecting intrusion into a restricted area, etc.

Cloud Reports and Dashboards: AxxonNet cloud service collects video analytics data from connected Axxon Next servers. You can create dashboards containing custom reports and widgets based on that data. With dashboards, it’s easy to visualize, analyze, and share information with other users of the video surveillance system.

Self-Diagnostics Service: Self-diagnostics service collects system operation data such as CPU load, memory usage, available disk space, camera FPS, etc. This helps address possible issues by revealing their sources: software, network, connected equipment, etc. You can also specify actions that will automatically be launched in case of failures to recover normal system operation.

Licensing Server Support: Support for licensing server enables using a single license key for one or several Axxon Next domains with an arbitrary distribution of licensed objects, such as cameras, detectors, etc., across servers. This feature requires Axxon Next servers connection to the remote AxxonSoft licensing server via the Internet. You can also quickly check the available and consumed licenses and view the license feature owners.

Advanced Web Client: Now you can configure various camera layouts in the web client. Multiple optimizations have been made as well to ensure the client’s flawless and resource-effective operation.

Story Board: You can select video episodes recorded by different cameras and export them to a single video file as a sequence. This is useful for video investigation when an object of interest moves between different camera FOVs. You can quickly retrieve the required video material and send it to relevant agencies/staff.

Dynamic Layout: The new dynamic layout enables you to group any cameras ad hoc for convenient handling of different tasks such as real-time surveillance or video investigation. The dynamic layout is always empty upon the client start-up; however, you can save the configured layout for later use.

Video from Mobile Devices: With the free Axxon Camera app, you can use your Android device as a mobile camera. Video from the embedded camera will be streamed to Axxon Next via the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

On June 17th, 2021 we’re hosting AxxonSoft On Air – a show where you’ll have an opportunity to attend Axxon Next 4.5 live demo and learn more about our solutions and valuable partnerships. You can find more information and register on the landing page.


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