Axxon Next 4.5 is Released!

AxxonSoft has launched version 4.5 of the Axxon Next intelligent VMS. This version introduces new GPU acceleration capabilities and AI video analytics, self-diagnostics service, support for licensing server, enhanced web client, and new server and GUI features. Axxon Next now supports hardware-accelerated video decoding on integrated Intel® GPUs (Intel Quick Sync Video technology) and NVIDIA graphics cards. The decoded video can be analyzed with any standard or AI video analytics.

PROMISE Technology Partners With VMS Vendors to Include Software Trials With Its NVR Storage Appliance

PROMISE Technology Inc., a recognized global leader in the storage industry, announced a partnership with AxxonSoft, Milestone Systems, OnSSI, and SeeTec to ship free trial versions of the world’s leading Video Management Software (VMS) when customers purchase the PROMISE Vess A2000 Series NVR storage appliance in the EMEA region. The VMS provided are all certified with the Vess A2000 Series, allowing integrators and end users to run the software with their PROMISE video surveillance solution with complete confidence.

AxxonSoft Releases Version 4.9.3 of Axxon Intellect PSIM

AxxonSoft has announced the release of version 4.9.3 of the Axxon Intellect PSIM software platform. In the new version, the developers have concentrated on refining and fine-tuning existing functionality as well as continuing to reinforce the stability of Intellect-powered security systems. In addition, new features have been added, including integration of new hardware and system administration tools.

Axxonsoft Releases V3.6 Of Axxon Next VMS

Version 3.6 of the innovative open Axxon Next VMS is now available from developer Axxonsoft. Highlights in the new version include improved system performance and stability, as well as added features and enhancements to functionality and usability. The enhancements in the new VMS include changes to the existing information display boards –the Health Board and […]

VIVOTEK Integrated Panoramic PTZ Technology With AxxonSoft VMS

VIVOTEK announced the successful integration of its innovative, a Panoramic PTZ solution with AxxonSoft ‘s next-generation open-platform video management software (VMS), Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Axxon Next. The seamless cooperation signifies increased collaboration between VIVOTEK and AxxonSoft in developing cutting-edge technologies for the IP surveillance market. VIVOTEK was one the first in the industry to launch the unique and innovative Panoramic PTZ feature in 2012, incorporating VIVOTEK’s latest 5-Megapixel fisheye fixed dome network cameras SF8172/72V and a 2-Megapixel full HD speed dome network camera SD8363E . The solution provides a 180° panoramic view or 360-degree surround view without blind spots, allowing users to simultaneously monitor an overview of an area from a fisheye camera and a detailed regional view from a speed dome. The synergy of the 2 makes Panoramic PTZ especially suitable for department stores, station lobbies, airports, casino, parking lots, or any wide open areas where comprehensive monitoring and extreme video details are needed. The design and the originality of Panoramic PTZ have upended the traditional concept of security cameras, receiving accolades such as the German-based GIT 2013 Security Award, the Taiwan Excellence Awards and “The Best Innovation Product Award” from the MIPS show in Russia. Since its establishment, VIVOTEK has collaborated with international and regional video management software programmers closely to seamlessly integrate camera functionalities onto different platforms. In response to the increasing market demand for Panoramic PTZ, VIVOTEK turned to AxxonSoft to implement a highly cost-effective solution that meets users’ diversified needs. Murat Altuev, President […]

Axxon Intellect Enterprise VSM Secures German Mobile Operator E-Plus

The E-Plus data center became home to a video surveillance system based on the Axxon Intellect PSIM platform and Brickcom HD cameras Axxon Intellect is VMS with a modular architecture, allowing creation of integrated security systems of any level of complexity Owned by Telefonica, E-Plus is a multinational telecom and one of the top three mobile operators in Germany. The company serves over 19 million subscribers. Over 4,700 specialists are employed by the company in Germany. 2012 revenues totalled EUR 3.4 billion. E-Plus was in a situation similar to that faced by many businesses: it needed to update the security and video surveillance systems at the company’s data centre. The facility was guarded by a patchwork of analog cameras that were located on different networks. E-Plus needed to transform a scattered arrangement of cameras into a modern, integrated system with support for future expansion, hardware additions, and new instruments and functions. Until recently, video at the site was provided by WINMag analogue cameras produced by Honeywell . But new challenges required surveillance with higher resolution and greater support for integration, as a part of a flexible integrated security system with support for rapid, situation-dependent configuration changes. Ease of setup and use were driving factors as well. The client’s choice went to the Intellect Enterprise, developed by AxxonSoft . Axxon Intellect is video management software with a modular architecture, allowing creation of integrated security systems of any level of complexity. A decisive advantage of Axon Intellect Enterprise over competing products […]

Axxon Next VMS Updated To Version 3.5

AxxonSoft Axxon Next 3.5 VMS CCTV software AxxonSoft is delighted to announce the release of version 3.5 of the company’s Axxon Next video management software (VMS). The developers’ main efforts in the new update went to expanding features, implementing new functionality, and improving ease of use. Highlights in version 3.5 include geomaps integration and new features for working with recorded video, reinforcing Axxon Next’s well-deserved reputation as an outstanding system for video analytics. Key new features for users in the updated version: Information boards can be added to layouts alongside surveillance viewing tiles. Information boards are a quick, visual way of monitoring three types of information: 1) health of system components, 2) events, and 3) statistics for events matching a user-set filter over a selected time period. OpenStreetMap integration allows downloading site map imagery from the Internet automatically in real time. Live video thumbnails on maps mean that every camera marker on a map displays a thumbnail of the video from that camera, offering even more information at a glance. Video thumbnails are displayed in all map modes: 2D, 3D, and immersion mode. Comments for recorded video and comments search : operators can now leave text comments for a frame, scene, or alert. Comments can be also used to find video: a search term is typed in a special field and the results pane displays all frames that have comments containing the text. Save MomentQuest2 forensic search queries : save and name recurring MomentQuest2 searches to increase operator efficiency. […]

Safe City Municipal Video Surveillance In Colina, Chile

Safe City Municipal Video Surveillance in Colina, Chile – Located just 14 kilometers (8.5 miles) from the country’s capital, the Chilean city of Colina is home to one of the latest Safe City video surveillance projects powered by the innovative Axxon Next video management software – Safe City Municipal Video Surveillance in Colina, Chile   NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Colina, Chile, 2013/10/30 – Located just 14 kilometers (8.5 miles) from the country’s capital, the Chilean city of Colina is home to one of the latest Safe City video surveillance projects powered by the innovative Axxon Next video management software – .       Rank or share this free Newswire Press Release Distribution content. Join the network! Learn How! Your Banner Ad Here instead – Showing along with ALL Articles covering Audio/Video Equip./Surveillance Announcements   The surveillance system was installed at the initiative and with the approval of the city government and now spans 25 different cameras. Colina is the administrative center of the commune of the same name as well as the capital of Chacabuco Province, with a population of approximately 78,000. High crime rates made local residents fearful and anxious. Looking for solutions, the government decided that smart video surveillance is an essential tool for fighting crime, particularly street crime. The open-platform next-generation Axxon Next VMS was chosen as the platform for tying together the geographically scattered surveillance system. The unique features of Axxon Next, as well as its functionality, reliability, performance, effectiveness, and ease […]

Grand Welcome For AxxonSoft In Myanmar – Build+Con Myanmar 2013

The event was officially opened by Mr. U Nyan Tun Aung, Yangon Region Minister for Energy & Industry. AxxonSoft presented its next-generation Axxon Next open-platform video management system (VMS) at the three-day event, demonstrating state-of-art technologies including intelligent video analytics, Time Compressor scene synopses, and forensic search. Together with local partner EDUPRO Solutions Co Ltd, AxxonSoft presented such innovative surveillance technologies as Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, and POS Retail Solutions. Application of AxxonSoft solutions in such diverse sectors as building and construction, Safe City (municipal surveillance projects), and commercial and industrial security was demonstrated. Grand Welcome for AxxonSoft in Myanmar: Build+Con Myanmar 2013AxxonSoft products have won much interest and praise from key industry players, including members of the Myanmar Engineering Society, Association of Myanmar Architects, and Associateship of Government Technical Institute. Industry professionals expressed keen interest in exploring and adapting the companys state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for the security and surveillance industry. Dr. Nyan Soe, Chairman of EDUPRO Solutions, was delighted: “EDUPRO is proud to introduce AxxonSoft security and surveillance solutions for the first time in Myanmar. With this new and advanced technology, we can make a safe environment for all classes of our people. As we start the development of our nation, security is of the utmost importance.” He continued: “I am quite confident that in the near future our people will learn, accept and apply these new products and solutions, installing them in commercial and corporate buildings, housing of all types, banks, museums, libraries and the […]

AxxonSoft Releases Version 3.1.1 Of The Next Generation Axxon Next VMS

Each function is the responsibility of a different micromodule; a dispatcher module monitors the functioning of the micromodules. If a function encounters an error and a process is quit unexpectedly, the dispatcher module automatically relaunches the corresponding micromodule. This does not affect the performance of other processes or the functioning of the VMS overall. After a micromodule is initially written, its code undergoes automated functional testing, substantially reducing the likelihood of errors in the code. This micromodule architecture allows for a VMS that is more stable than anything else on the market. AxxonSoft CCTV software View all: CCTV software

Brickcom Panoramic Dome Cameras Integrated With AxxonSoft VMS – PSIM

Source: AxxonSoft | Date: 09/17/2013 Related tags: AxxonSoft , BRICKCOM , Dome cameras AxxonSoft enthusiastically announces integration support for 360P IP cameras from Brickcom, a world-leading manufacturer of IP surveillance hardware. The companies have a long history of partnership: the first Brickcom camera was integrated with AxxonSoft software in 2011, with the list of integrated devices continuing to grow since then. Integration support now includes five additional cameras: three of them are compact domes ( MD-500Ap-360 , MD-300Ap-360 , and MD-300Np-360 ) and two sport-enhanced anti-vandal protections (VD-500Af-360 and VD-300Af-360).All cameras are equipped with ImmerVision panomorph lenses, which provide a 360-degree field of view and high resolution for peripheral objects. As claimed by ImmerVision, panomorph lenses have overall resolution that is six times better than that of standard fisheye lenses. In 2012, AxxonSoft’s innovative Axxon Next video management software (VMS) was certified for compatibility with panomorph lenses (receiving a ImmerVision Enables 360 certificate), enabling users of integrated solutions to enjoy panoramic fields of view with unsurpassed quality. All integrated Brickcom cameras are built with a vandal-resistant shell and special protection from precipitation and extreme temperatures. In addition, the MD-500Ap-360 ,  MD-300Ap-360 , and MD-300Np-360 models are compliant with the EN50155 standard for vibration protection, which makes them invaluable tools for security systems on vehicles and public transport.This integration offers a number of opportunities, since all AxxonSoft software includes special support for fisheye and panomorph lenses. Support in the Axxon Next VMS and Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM allows correcting distorted […]