Brickcom Panoramic Dome Cameras Integrated With AxxonSoft VMS – PSIM

AxxonSoft enthusiastically announces integration support for 360P IP cameras from Brickcom, a world-leading manufacturer of IP surveillance hardware. The companies have a long history of partnership: the first Brickcom camera was integrated with AxxonSoft software in 2011, with the list of integrated devices continuing to grow since then. Integration support now includes five additional cameras: three of them are compact domes ( MD-500Ap-360 , MD-300Ap-360 , and MD-300Np-360 ) and two sport-enhanced anti-vandal protections (VD-500Af-360 and VD-300Af-360).All cameras are equipped with ImmerVision panomorph lenses, which provide a 360-degree field of view and high resolution for peripheral objects. As claimed by ImmerVision, panomorph lenses have overall resolution that is six times better than that of standard fisheye lenses. In 2012, AxxonSoft’s innovative Axxon Next video management software (VMS) was certified for compatibility with panomorph lenses (receiving a ImmerVision Enables 360 certificate), enabling users of integrated solutions to enjoy panoramic fields of view with unsurpassed quality. All integrated Brickcom cameras are built with a vandal-resistant shell and special protection from precipitation and extreme temperatures. In addition, the MD-500Ap-360 ,  MD-300Ap-360 , and MD-300Np-360 models are compliant with the EN50155 standard for vibration protection, which makes them invaluable tools for security systems on vehicles and public transport.This integration offers a number of opportunities, since all AxxonSoft software includes special support for fisheye and panomorph lenses. Support in the Axxon Next VMS and Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM allows correcting distorted video from fisheye or panomorph lenses into multiple rectangular images (regional and single views) that are displayed normally on screen. […]


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