Boon Edam Podcast Helps Security Professionals Select the Right Entry Strategy

Boon Edam Webinar

Boon Edam announced the release of a new podcast, “Scalable Security: Wrong Decisions That Cost You Money.” In this podcast, JC Powell, Vice President of Sales, and Brian Marshall, Regional Sales Director, discuss how security professionals can understand the three levels of security entrance capabilities, and how they fit best into an overall physical security strategy.

JC and Brian also share how they have seen organizations select the wrong entrances and end up paying more to correct the situation.

Tailoring Entrance Security to Each Organization’s Needs

The podcast begins with a discussion around the idea that every organization is different, and thus, has unique needs when it comes to physical security. It’s true that all companies must address unauthorized entry to mitigate risks and liabilities, such as theft, bad press, legal fines and even loss of life.

However, each organization has a different building layout, different security goals, different government regulations, etc. In this podcast, JC and Brian uncover elements, such as culture and throughput, that each organization must consider prior to selecting an entrance strategy.

Where Do You Start When Implementing Entrances?

Often security professionals looking into security entrances focus on questions like, “How much does it cost?” and “How many do I need?” In the podcast, JC shares how he has helped clients focus on the “Why?” questions to discover the “big picture” when it comes to their overall corporate goal around security.

JC discusses three implications for consideration when selecting entrance solutions to mitigate unauthorized entry: (1) security, (2) mustering, and (3) corporate culture.

By considering elements such as the need for guards, knowing how many people are in your building at all times, and balancing convenience with security, a security professional can be sure they are selecting the right entry solution for their needs.

Challenging Security Situations to Get to the Right Entrance

The podcast concludes with JC and Brian discussing three case studies that focus on companies who realized, either before or after an entrance installation, that they hadn’t selected the right entrance for their security strategy. JC and Brian discuss how each of the organizations eventually landed on the best entrance for each area of their facilities.

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