Building Bridges: How Law Enforcement is Unifying Communities with Technology

Safety and security are basic human needs, and essential to a thriving society. But in today’s challenging cultural climate, how do you best protect the public? How can cities—or any entity—build lasting trust, transparency and value? And how do we learn from the transformation that’s already occurring in law enforcement?

In this episode of Connect, you’ll learn why integration, or better yet, unity, is the key to success. Our guest, Marshall Freeman, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Atlanta Police Department, and former Chief Operating Officer, Atlanta Police Foundation, will discuss how his forward-thinking organization is integrating technologies, public-private partnerships and resident feedback, to build a stronger, safer community.

Join us as Marshall shares how the Atlanta Police Department’s innovative programs evolve from ideas to community wide rollouts. We’ll examine the importance of evaluating technology, developing pilot programs and properly measuring effectiveness. We’ll also spend time demystifying emerging technologies and understanding how they can be used to fill staffing gaps, enhance employee satisfaction and improve public safety.

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