Camden CX-DE1200 Maglocks & Accessories Provide a Complete Solution

Camden Door Controls announce that its CX-DE1200 Series of single and double door delayed egress magnetic locks are now available with a full complement of system accessories and mounting devices to provide a comprehensive solution for all applications. Available accessories include sounder, speaker station, reset switch, signage, and mounting devices. The CX-DE1200 magnetic locks are designed to provide the best performance and value in healthcare, childcare, retail, and institutional applications.

CX-DE502SO LED Sounder Annunciator

An important add-on accessory is Camden’s CX-DE502SO LED Sounder Annunciator for both audio and visual distinction. It is designed for industrial and commercial applications where both audible and visual indication is required. The RGB LED is capable of visually displaying three distinct colors for designated states: red, green, and yellow. The faceplate is made of stainless steel with a piezo.

CX-DESPK15 15-watt speaker station

In addition, Camden’s CX-DESPK15 15-watt speaker station, which is also designed for industrial and commercial applications ensures alarm messages are herd where ambient noise is high with a corresponding color-coded visual Aura™ display.

The remote reset switch feature is especially attractive for installers and/or property managers because it allows for the convenience of resetting a group of locks at a common exit, there’s no need to reset each lock individually.

Door signage with mandatory delay egress messages is available in English, French, Spanish and Braille. Also available to support the CX-Series of magnetic locks are a wide variety of Camden’s armature housings, brackets, mounting kits, and spacer bars. These accessories support virtually any installation requirement, including installation and mounting on glass doors.

CX-DE1200 magnetic locks are available in a range of models, with factory default operation, to meet NFPA, BOCA, and local AHJ requirements. The optional system accessories and mounting devices deliver even more versatility in a variety of applications.

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