City of Schertz, TX Chooses Athena Security Temperature Checking

Temperature Detection kiosk

Athena Security announced that the City of Schertz, TX, with over 40,000 citizens not far from San Antonio, chose Athena Security’s Elevated Temperature Checker system on the Apple iPad as part of a holistic and proactive employee health approach to keeping it’s public infrastructure running safely. 

After seeing the system working well at nearby Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), City of Schertz Fire Chief Kade Long championed the effort to acquire Athena Security’s solution with CARES ACT funding.

“After seeing Athena Security’s temperature check system up and running at the Texas Division of Emergency Management, it was clear that it would make a great addition to the holistic approach we have instituted at the City of Schertz to keep our public safe in these difficult times,” said Fire Chief for the City of Schertz Cade Long.

Before the City of Schertz settled on Athena Security’s thermal camera solution, manual screeners using hand-held thermometers were employed to check people coming into City Hall and the Library which provided more direct contact but also redirected critical resources from doing their normal work. 

With temperature checks made mandatory, City Hall has a TV monitor automating the process with software that automatically alerts if someone has an elevated temperature.  

“It’s a really great system, someone walks in and just goes about their business and if they have an elevated temperature, there’s an audible alarm that goes off and we ask that person to have a secondary screening,” said Client Service Technician for the City of Schertz Mark Welch. 

“We have a holistic approach to public safety including masks and hand sanitizer stations, social distancing and the solution from Athena Security rounds out our approach very well, everyone really likes it given the mandate we have.  Athena Security even drove hours to our location with a brand new computer to overcome an issue; that’s service that you just don’t see very often.”

Athena Security is a cutting edge Apple iPad temperature detection and gun detection security camera startup. Athena Security is extremely accurate – within .3 degrees Celsius accurate for temperature detection and 99% accurate using computer vision and object detection to spot guns and mitigate crime.