Clevertronics Partners with Wirepas, More Than 600 Sites Already Deployed

Clevertronics QBA

Clevertronics and Wirepas have joined forces. The partnership enables Clevertronics to provide the market with massive-scale, low-cost smart emergency lighting solutions. The easily installable solutions are quickly proving a success with already 630 sites across Australia, New Zealand and the UK deployed, in just a couple of years.

Most advanced system for emergency lighting globally

Clevertronics has embedded Wirepas Massive in their Zoneworks XT HIVE system. Zoneworks XT HIVE, featuring simplicity in design, installation, and commissioning, is the most advanced system for emergency lighting globally.

Clevertronics Mesh AnyCloud

Wirepas Massive is the only technology allowing an unlimited number of devices to create an autonomous, decentralized mesh network. It comes with industrial grade reliability and security.

Reduceing the backbone hardware requirements

Thanks to Wirepas Massive, the cutting-edge emergency lighting system comes with a lower cost: Wirepas Massive reduces the backbone hardware requirements of Zoneworks XT HIVE to a single RF gateway and adds dynamic self-managed meshing technology to make emergency lighting faster, simpler and easier.

“At Clevertronics we’re all about making emergency lighting easy, which in turn helps provide higher compliance and safer buildings. When we were designing the next evolution of Zoneworks, it was important to reduce the complexity of backbone hardware and find the most efficient way to communicate to emergency lighting luminaires. With Wirepas Massive we achieved this by reducing the backbone hardware to one single controller and connected each luminaire through a dynamic selfmanaged mesh. Emergency lighting is unique, so it was important that we partnered with a company like Wirepas to work closely with us on a bespoke solution for our market. We now have the most advanced and market leading solution in the market,” says Tony Todaro, managing director of Clevertronics.

“Wirepas technology is purpose-built for large, industrial deployments requiring low cost and fast installations. This is exactly how Clevertronics approaches the market which, combined with our shared no-nonsense attitude to business and people, makes them a perfect partner for us. We are impressed both by their vertical integration as well as deployment capabilities,” says Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.

More than 600 sites installed

There are already more than 600 sites installed with Zoneworks XT HIVE. One of them is Qudos Bank Arena (QBA), a custom-built indoor stadium and one of Sydney’s premier entertainment venues for concerts and events. The existing emergency and exit lighting system at Qudos was connected to its own hardwired infrastructure. It had reached end of life and had high ongoing maintenance costs.

The challenge was to achieve building compliance without the high cost of installing a new backbone cable infrastructure to support the emergency and exit lighting. Zoneworks XT HIVE, RF based wireless infrastructure, achieved the clients’ goals of a low cost, easy to implement system in an existing environment. Now 2500 upgraded emergency lighting luminaires seamlessly communicate across a wireless dynamic self-managed mesh to achieve building compliance across the entire site at the push of a button.

Other installations

Another example of a recent Zoneworks XT HIVE system installation is City College Oxford, a premier education facility based in South East England. The site is a multiple building campus style environment that had separate emergency lighting systems due to the spread of buildings.

Expensive repairs and ongoing maintenance costs determined that the facility required a new system. One of the key reasons why Zoneworks XT HIVE was chosen was its ability to hop across buildings using the RF dynamic selfmanaged meshing.

This ensured that only one emergency lighting system was required across the entire campus, without the need for expensive inter-building links. All emergency lighting tests can now be conducted from one single platform using one simple controller.

Wirepas is on a mission to democratize enterprise IoT. It offers failure -free connectivity to any enterprise of any size. The company is changing the face of IoT through connectivity software enabling massive decentralized, infinitely scalable, high-density and long-range network applications.

Clevertronics has a single-minded focus on delivering the world’s best and innovative emergency lighting solutions. They design, prototype and test all our luminaires and systems from our new state of the art head office in Melbourne, Australia.

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