Laird Connectivity and Wirepas Enter Partnership to Broaden Massive IoT Implementations on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Devices

Laird Connectivity and Wirepas announced they have joined forces to deliver combined hardware and software solutions connecting Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) modules for massive IoT implementations. Together, Wirepas and Laird Connectivity enable their customers and partners to take advantage of the unique features of Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz profile, including network scalability, reliability, and ease of implementation, along with the RF performance, world-renowned technical support, and international wireless certifications offered in the Bluetooth LE Module portfolio from Laird Connectivity.

Silicon Labs and Wirepas joint offering or smart buildings, smart tracking and smart metering

Wirepas announced its Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz connectivity suite will soon be available on Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) EFR32MG24 and that their Sub Ghz connectivity is now available on EFR32FG23 SoCs. The MG24 features high security, large memory and low power which makes it particularly interesting for smart building applications. The FG23 is designed for smart metering that requires high performance long range at a highly cost-effective price point with Wirepas’ advanced low memory footprint routing.

Clevertronics Partners with Wirepas, More Than 600 Sites Already Deployed

Clevertronics and Wirepas have joined forces. The partnership enables Clevertronics to provide the market with massive-scale, low-cost smart emergency lighting solutions. The easily installable solutions are quickly proving a success with already 630 sites across Australia, New Zealand and the UK deployed, in just a couple of years. Clevertronics has embedded Wirepas Massive in their Zoneworks XT HIVE system. Zoneworks XT HIVE is the most advanced system for emergency lighting globally.

Wirepas announces game-changing connectivity system for smart tracking

Wirepas announced the release of Wirepas Massive Tracking. The new smart tracking software suite embeds Wirepas Massive – the company’s large-scale mesh connectivity software for massive IoT. Deploying wired positioning infrastructure across large spaces like warehouses, construction sites, campuses or hospitals is costly and time consuming. Wirepas Massive Tracking solves exactly these issues. A smart tracking system in a 100,000 m² facility can be installed in a single day, without disrupting site operations.