CNL Software And Promise Technology Form Technology Partnership

CNL Software, the world’s leading pure play Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) provider is pleased to announce it has entered a technology collaboration with the leading developer of open storage platforms for video surveillance, Promise Technology.

Ecosystem of partners
Promise Technology has become the surveillance industries default open storage platform. The company has created a large ecosystem of partners, because Promise Technology strive to offer customers a wide range of integration possibilities that have been tested and validated. This ecosystem includes the leading software and hardware vendors in the industry who are committed to deliver high-performance video surveillance solutions that help businesses and organizations detect crime, identify suspects, improve productivity, reduce losses and much more.

Connect technology
“We believe in a connected world, where security and life safety are not compromised by silos of information that are not able to communicate”, commented Adlan Hussain, VP Marketing at CNL Software. “We believe that technology should take the complexity out of decision making by integrating systems, people and processes. That is why we work with the world’s leading manufacturer of security and life safety systems like Promise Technology. Together we create an agnostic method to connect critical technologies.”

Focus on innovation
John van den Elzen, General Manager WW Surveillance at Promise Technology says: “Promise’s server and storage appliances are custom built to offer the highest level of performance for IP video surveillance. When it comes to PSIM implementations, we are aware that assurance and quality are important to reduce support needs and ensure availability. Our focus on innovation means that we are more efficient, allowing less hardware, less maintenance and a lower cost of ownership. We are active in all the key video surveillance segments and can offer solutions for deployments of any size.”