Cognitec Boasts NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test Results

Cognitec boasts NIST face recognition vendor test results

Cognitec has announced that its facial recognition algorithm fared well in a recent NIST face recognition vendor test. Specifically, says the company quoting the NIST test results, Cognitec’s algorithm excelled particularly in tests with youth and senior age groups, “leading the next most accurate algorithm in 5-year accuracy by 30% and 16% respectively.”

The NIST test compared nine algorithms submitted by six participants: five companies and one university. NIST applied the submitted algorithms to seven million images as a basis for comparison.

According to the company, Cognitec’s FaceVAS-VideoScan technology uses age estimation to determine the age ranges of persons seen in video streams and footage. The technology computes age statistics over time, providing anonymous data, which the company says can inform businesses to make interior design, advertising placement, staffing, and other operational decisions.