Dallmeier Delivers First Box Camera With P-Iris Lens


The DF4820HD-DN is a 3-megapixel HD network camera built into a compact and lightweight box housing. It provides real-time Full HD video (1080p/30) using the H.264 codec and features automatic Day/Night operation supported by integrated ambient light sensing and a removable IR cut filter (ICR).

In addition, the DF4820HD-DN is equipped with a fast (large maximum aperture) and motor-driven P-Iris megapixel varifocal lens which allows for the convenient adjustment/configuration of the focal length (zoom), focus and iris (aperture) via the web browser.

The novel P-Iris control technology, designed for a precise and automatic adjustment of the best iris position, thereby realizes a significantly improved image quality with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity and enhanced detail resolution combined with a greater depth of field, compared to conventional DC auto iris lenses.

In conjunction with the Digital Image Shift function, which provides for a subsequent digital fine alignment of the image section, a convenient and straightforward camera installation is guaranteed.

Depending on the requirements, the camera can be conventionally supplied with 12V DC or conveniently operated via Power over Ethernet (PoE Class 0, IEEE 802.3af) which allows for an easy, quick and cost-effective cabling and commissioning.

Source: dallmeier.com