Dedrone Launches DedronePortable for Military and Commercial Entities Around the World

Already purchased for the Ukrainian military, DedronePortable offers easy-to-use, mobile and agile drone response and optional mitigation, and setup in less than 20 minutes 

 Dedrone announced the launch of DedronePortable, an all-in-one kit that offers comprehensive drone detection, tracking, and identification capabilities (DTI) on-the-go. In use by multiple militaries, government agencies and commercial entities around the world, DedronePortable offers Dedrone’s sophisticated machine learning technology and end-to-end defeat capabilities via a system that can be set-up, in the field, in less than 20 minutes.  

DedronePortable with DroneDefender

DedronePortable can be combined with DroneDefender to not only DTI enemy/unauthorized drones but also deny and disrupt the RF bands used by most commercial and military drones, and across the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS, and QZSS geo-location bands. These capabilities ensure that even military or homemade RC controllers, along with commercially available drones, can be detected and mitigated.

Additionally, DedronePortable can be equipped with the ability to deliver dis-information to the enemy through deliberate drone spoofing capability, if required for combat situations.

“Rapidly changing airspace security situations require easily-transported and -operational counter-drone systems, and DedronePortable is built to thrive in these hectic and/or temporary environments,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone.

“With its robust equipment and constant technological updates,  DedronePortable is poised to play a key role in current and future operations around the globe.”

Key components for drone

All key components required for drone detection are included in DedronePortable, which can be easily transported from location to location. All required equipment including sensors, power supply, cables, ruggedized laptop pre-loaded with the DedroneTracker and drone identification database, DedroneDNA and more come pre-packaged in easy to transport and assemble kits.

Usage of military and commercial drones has become increasingly common in military situations, including in the war in Ukraine, where they have been used by both sides for reconnaissance, artillery target location and even bombings.

“We have been working closely with the Dedrone team and have reverse engineered the RF signature of the Russian Orlan-10 drones. We are now setting-up a network of sensors to further up-level our capabilities in the conflict zone,” said a representative of Ukrainian military forces on the front line in eastern Ukraine.

“Dedrone has been a great, agile partner to work with in real time.” 

Dedrone Rapid Response

Dedrone is increasing access to mobile, agile counter-drone solutions. Earlier this year, the company launched DedroneRapidResponse, which can be deployed quickly to ensure uninterrupted airspace protection of outdoor events within a five-kilometer radius.  Dedrone works across 37 countries, including four of the G-7 nation governments; nine U.S. federal agencies, including the Department of Defense; more than 75 critical infrastructure sites; 20+ airports; and 50 correctional facilities worldwide. The company actively provides counter-drone services for some of the most high-profile events around the world and works closely with more than 35 law enforcement agencies.    

Dedrone  is the market leader in smart airspace security. Dedrone’s counter-drone system is trusted by hundreds of commercial, government and military customers globally to protect against unauthorized drones. With flexibility to host on-premise or in the cloud via Dedrone’s Airspace Security-as-a-Service (ASaaS), Dedrone customers can detect, identify, locate, analyze, and mitigate unauthorized drone threats. visit

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