Digital Watchdog Announces DW Spectrum IPVMS Integration with IPVideo Corporation


Digital Watchdog announced its partnership with HALO IoT Smart Sensor for easy integration into DW Spectrum IPVMS. As a trusted technology partner, IPVideo Corporation’s sensor is now supported directly from the DW Spectrum interface.

“This integration really demonstrates DW Spectrum’s open architecture platform capabilities,” said Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Video Solutions, DW.

“Bringing the Halo smart sensor interface right into DW Spectrum’s grid with real-time alerts and notifications greatly enhances the user experience. “

IPVideo Corporation’s HALO sensor delivers an MJPEG stream showing the current status and alerts to DW Spectrum’s interface when thresholds are exceeded. Combined with DW Spectrum’s high-resolution quality video, e-mail notifications and alarm monitoring tools, these alerts give staff the tools to investigate the cause of any alarm.

With HALO, designated personnel will be alerted when environmental changes occur in typically unsupervised areas.

HALO can detect flammables, hazardous chemicals, air quality changes such as vaping and smoking and changes in temperature and humidity. HALO can also detect noise level fluctuations and can send alerts when unusual activity occurs. HALO will also analyze room occupancy through light detection.

“With HALO, DW Spectrum partners and end-users now have a way to receive event-based alerts in the DW Spectrum Interface for privacy concern areas, providing security for every possible indoor location a facility may have.  All areas where cameras are not allowed like bathrooms, hotel rooms, dorm rooms, locker rooms and patient rooms will now have protection,” states Rick Cadiz VP of Sales and Marketing for IPVideo Corporation.

“We are excited about this integration and expect DW’s K12 customers to receive immediate benefits with HALO’s vaping and THC detection capabilities.” 

The DW Spectrum IPVMS is accessed with the freely distributed DW Spectrum client software (Windows®/Linux®/Mac®)and the free DW Spectrum mobile app for iOS and Android devices. DW Cloud™, a web client service powered by AWS, is included to enable simple remote connectivity, streaming and management of one or an unlimited number of DW Spectrum IPVMS systems from all leading web browsers (Google® Chrome, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, Safari® and Opera®). The VMS software is included with pre-configured DW Blackjack® NVR servers, MEGApix® CaaS™ all-in-one camera systems or it can be installed on third-party Windows or Ubuntu® Linux-based systems.

Digital Watchdog is the industry-leading single source of value-driven complete solutions for all video surveillance applications.

IPVideo Corporation delivers a range of open platform physical security, sensor and audio/visual solutions.