DRAGONFRUIT Innovative Split AI Technology

Analytics and VMS Operations

Optimizes Bandwidth for Cloud-based Advanced Analytics and VMS Operations

Dragonfruit Frontier, a new fully integrated VMS and video analytics solution, runs AI in the cloud as well as on a powerful on-premise base station.

The patented Split AI technology solves the challenge of the tradeoff in video processing – high hardware cost to process video on-prem or high bandwidth costs to transport video to the cloud. With Split AI, the AI models work in tandem, both on the small yet powerful base station and the auto-scaled Dragonfruit cloud.

Split AI’s hybrid compute capability eliminates the need for expensive on-prem GPU farms as well as large bandwidth pipes to the cloud. All core objects are available to be searched, tracked, investigated, alerted, etc. as you would any other video object.

The Split AI technology revolutionizes the processing of video while simultaneously delivering a more streamlined and cost-effective solution to customers. 

Dragonfruit AI is the industry’s first massively-scalable video AI platform, combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability. Our patented, award-winning technology delivers the most advanced AI analytics, deeply integrated with cloud video management. Visit https://www.dragonfruit.ai/

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