DW Introduces Blackjack Mini Slim Case Server

DW® announces the release of our new Blackjack® Mini server powered by DW Spectrum® IPVMS.

The new Linux-based server offers users the power and reliability they have come to expect from Blackjack® servers in a simple and compact device designed for remote management.

“One of the great things about the flexibility of DW Spectrum is the ability to manage your system from anywhere via the client software, DW Cloud web interface or the DW Spectrum Mobile app,” said Mark Espenschied, Director of Marketing, Digital Watchdog.

“The new Blackjack Mini takes full advantage of that flexibility by delivering a pure server and recorder experience designed to be managed remotely.”

The server allows you to record locally, function as a centralized monitoring system via DW Spectrum IPVMS server software and manage remotely, from anywhere, any time. The server can record and manage single-sensor IP cameras of any resolution, with maximum 60 Mbps throughput (equivalent to 12 2.1MP/1080p cameras at 30fps).

Manage remotely with DW Spectrum Client or the DW Spectrum Mobile app. The Blackjack Mini is an ideal solution for any small-scale application or for remote locations with a small number of cameras are but no need for local monitoring. The server has a 5 years limited warranty, is ONVIF conformant and is available with 4-20TB HDD.

Features include:

  • Supports ONVIF conformant IP cameras
  • Storage options 2-20TB internal storage
  • Data redundancy RAID1 (DW-BJMINIxTR models only)
  • Record and manage single- and multi-sensor IP cameras up to 4MP resolution, up to maximum 60 Mbps throughput (equivalent to 12 2.1MP/1080p cameras at 30fps)
  • Manage remotely with DW Spectrum® Client or the DW Spectrum Mobile® app
  • Single gigabit network port
  • Embedded Linux® OS
  • DW Spectrum® IPVMS server onboard for recording
  • One-time recording license charge, fully transferable between cameras and encoders
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • Simple enterprise scalability
  • Auto device discovery
  • Dual stream recording
  • 5 years limited warranty

DW Complete Surveillance Solutions empowers our customers as the industry-leading single source of value-driven complete solutions for all video surveillance applications (HD over Coax™ / hybrid / IP enterprise), focusing on ease of use and ROI.

Source: digital-watchdog.com