Enhanced 3SI GPS Tracking Solution Tracks Virtually Any Type of Asset


Criminals keep finding new ways to steal and security professionals have to keep finding new ways to stop them.

Thanks to 3SI Security System’s newly enhanced NextGen3 Asset Tracker™, criminals will face greater obstacles when trying to steal protected items.

Asset Tracker is a GPS tracking device that allows police to safely track criminals and help recover assets.

More than 5,000 law enforcement agencies are already trained on the technology, contributing to its strong track record of apprehension in 70% of cases and an asset return rate of over 87%.

This innovative system’s global platform leverages multiple security and tracking technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF) and offers new benefits including:

  • Multiple vessel options to protect many asset types;
  • Many configurable options: motion sensitivity, update rates, and interval reporting;
  • Geo-fences can be customized and multiple devices can be linked to specific locations;
  • Location data is stored if cellular signal is lost during tracking;
  • Reliable performance even in Urban Canyon areas;
  • Hibernation and wake up can be scheduled to save battery power.

Steven DeWierdt, 3SI’s Product Business Manager for Tracking & Branch Solutions, commented, “The AssetTracker is by far the leading product in the market, not only for the almost transparent integration into consumer goods packaging but also for the focus on security. Many alternative tracking products focus on the logistical information where the availability and accuracy is less critical. The AssetTracker brings users and supporting law enforcement agencies a robust, accurate and online view of where their valuables are. Users can sit down and relax because they can trust the AssetTracker to alert them when something is going wrong. And if this happens, they get all needed information and tools to track down the stolen goods. All crucial information, at the right time, at the right pace, accessible anywhere through our secure tracking website. No need to search further.”

Mary Pifer, 3SI’s VP of Global Marketing and Product Management, continued “Our partnership with thousands of law enforcement professionals means that customers benefit immediately from our product: police and dispatchers are fully trained on our system and 100% comfortable responding to alerts. No other company has this level of partnership, and it really differentiates 3SI from every other tracking company.”

The NextGen3 Asset Tracker devices are available in a variety of sizes and in multiple vessel designs.

Source: 3sisecurity.com