Fiber SenSys Integrates With GEMOS Advanced PSIM By ela-soft GmbH


Fiber SenSys®, Inc., Hillsboro, USA, a world leader in the design and development of fiber-optic sensing technologies for outdoor perimeters and physical data networks has partnered with ela-soft GmbH, the German GEMOS advanced PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) provider. This technical partnership assures that Fiber SenSys Fiber Defender® sensors integrate using an advanced interface, with ela-soft’s GEMOS platform.

Installed at a number of high profile sites in Europe, the ela-soft GEMOS is the leading PSIM system in Germany and already protecting over 1,000 sites. These include critical infrastructure and key transportation networks, as well as military compounds, government buildings, airports, banks and football stadiums. Projects using both companies’ products are currently being specified in Europe.

GEMOS is able to receive alerts from more than 500,000 data points in one installation and integrates disparate systems such as access control, fire alarm, CCTV, PA (public alert), intrusion detection, communication, BMS systems and perimeter protection into one platform. Thanks to the GEMOS intelligent interface implementation, more than 750 proprietary interfaces are integrated already.

Fiber SenSys, Inc., headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA with offices worldwide, is the market leading manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection solutions for perimeter security. Since 1990, Fiber SenSys products have been protecting the most critical resources in the world. Fiber SenSys offers the only fiber-optic sensor systems designated PL-1N by the US Air Force — the highest security designation approved by the US military.

Fiber SenSys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPTEX CO., LTD, the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor security sensors. Optex is publicly traded on the Tokyo stock exchange.