Finding Balance Between the Physical and Virtual Worlds

Virtual assistants, social media platforms and other interactive technologies are enhancing our personal and professional lives in many ways. But do they pose a threat? Can they put our personal information and business intel at risk?

As more people and businesses flock to the virtual world, it’s important to ask: Who is actually benefiting? More of us are quickly opting into agreements, freely exchanging data and openly broadcasting our daily activities without stopping to understand the implications.

In this episode of Connect, our guest Tim Wenzel draws upon his experience as former Head of Global Security & Protective Intelligence at Meta, and his time spent with the US Department of State, to share expert advice on leveraging intelligent tech and real-life relationships in order to strike a balance between the physical and virtual worlds.

We’ll also delve into risk management and the benefits it offers to individuals and enterprises alike. We’ll learn why data is the new currency and how it drives everything we do. And, as we speed toward the metaverse, we’ll discuss the stewardship necessary to ensure that technology continues to benefit society and future generations.

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