Free2Move Selects Jumio Facial Recognition Technology For Identity Verification


Free2Move, a mobility app for car-sharing providers including Car2Go, Flinkster, Multicity, Zipcar, and DriveNow, has selected the Jumio Netverify Trusted Identity as a Service to verify customer driver’s licences quickly and easily.

Owned by the French automotive manufacturer PSA Group, Free2Move aggregates local available car share options on a mobile app, providing registered Free2Move users access to local car share providers. Customers register by scanning their photo ID using the camera of their PC or mobile device, and Netverify’s computer vision technology then extracts customer data from the ID.

Jumio’s biometric facial recognition technology then captures the applicant’s face via a selfie, helping to ensure the person who submits the photo ID is the owner of the document as well. The technology is able to pick up on even the slightest facial movement, ensuring that the picture-taker is both live and valid. The photo taken as a result of the facial scan and the submitted ID is then cross-checked for a quick and reliable ID verification process.

“The unique selling proposition of our service consists in easy and quick usage and we want to make sure the registration process is part of it,” said Founder and CEO of Free2Move Mobility Solutions, Fabian Kofler. “Netverify has given us exactly what we were looking for: a way to not only scan an ID, but to fully verify that the person at the other end who submits the ID is the ID owner as well. With this technology in place, we are looking forward to expanding further into Italy, Austria, Sweden and the UK. After this, our plan is to enter the dynamic North American market.”

According to a 2016 survey by the University of California Berkeley, there are more than two million European car share scheme members.

“The sharing economy is an exciting and fast-moving sector,” commented Robert Prigge, chief revenue officer, Jumio. “But in order for it to work successfully, those engaging in it need to prove they are who they say they are. Jumio’s technology can make this friction-free and speedy. We are pleased to be working with Free2Move and look forward to helping them as they grow and expand.”


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    Its good to hear that the car providers are enhancing their security. Our company has availed the services from IDMERIT( and I can proudly say that IDMERIT was the best decision of our company. They provided us with an API which could verify users instantly within 3 – 4 seconds.

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