Veracity Features VIEWSCAPE At Power Grid Resilience Summit

Veracity, a leading provider of innovative, intelligent solutions that solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display, heads to Chicago at the end of March as a key sponsor of the 5th Power Grid Resilience Summit.

The utility industry gathers at the Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront, 29-31 March 2017 to hear expert speakers on physical and corporate security, and emergency preparedness, talk about trends and technologies to the assembly.

As a key sponsor, Veracity will be promoting its new complete surveillance solution comprised of COLDSTORE™, (an innovative storage system that is uniquely and specifically designed for video surveillance), TRINITY™, (which allows “smart” IP-cameras to record to COLDSTORE without a physical NVR), and VIEWSCAPE™ (the management front end that provides the “GUI” as well as integration tools for systems ranging from access control and biometrics to building management and HVAC controls).

VIEWSCAPE provides a lower cost of ownership, both initial and ongoing, thanks to the use of its constituent parts. Each part of the system is specifically designed to reduce costs while simultaneously protecting and preserving data. This is one of the reasons why a major Texas-based power utility chose to use Veracity’s products in an ongoing security rollout.

Larger industrial properties can benefit both from Veracity’s transmission products which enable POE connectivity over extreme distances, and also from Veracity’s TRINITY system architecture which exploits the benefits of open-platform IP cameras and can record direct-to-storage (COLDSTORE), removing the need for expensive VMS licenses and associated hardware – perfect for large-scale, remote sites which need constant, high definition surveillance. The result is a simplified, in some cases serverless, robust, highly scalable and very cost-effective video management system with innovative features such as camera-level fail-over, optional dual-stream or redundant recording, resilience to network interruptions via internal camera recording, and all the existing benefits of the highly successful and award-winning COLDSTORE surveillance storage system.

Mr. Scott Sereboff, Veracity’s VP of Group Sales, will be speaking at the Power Grid Resilience Summit and presenting a “case study” on the use of Veracity products in the security rollout mentioned above on the Thursday afternoon during the Summit.