Full Height Turnstile Offers Secure Contact-less Passage

Alvarado MST-TE Touch-Free Full Height Turnstile

Alvarado’s new MST-TE Touch-Free Full Height Turnstile provides smooth, secure, and completely contactless passage for users. It is 100 percent touch-free and motorized. After users present a valid entry credential, the turnstile unlocks, and an overhead sensor detects the user as they enter.

Rotation begins and completes automatically, eliminating the need for users to touch and push their way through the turnstile as they enter or exit.

The MST-TE is used for hygienic, high security entry control in corporate, industrial, critical infrastructure, government, and military installations. Specific applications include employee and visitor touch-free access control, perimeter and fence line security, unattended entry points, time and attendance integration, and one-way exit control.

Recent pandemic related applications include essential manufacturing and distribution facilities replacing and / or retrofitting existing turnstiles with the MST-TE for secure, touch-free staff entry and exit.

“Previous solutions including gates, standard full height turnstiles and guards required touch points or close interaction, leaving facilities concerned about viral transmission and social distance requirements,” said Adam McGuern, Brand & Demand Generation Manager for Alvarado.

“The Alvarado MST-TE was developed through end user feedback at the onset of the pandemic. Essential suppliers and manufacturers were looking for additional ways to keep their facilities secure, while offering their employees a safe and hygienic environment. Adding the MST-TE to a facility’s perimeter or employee entrance allows staff and visitors a secure, touch- free point of entry.”

Specific features include:

In addition to the MST-TE, most of Alvarado’s full height turnstiles are now available in touch-free versions.

  • Touch-Free Access. The MST-TE touch-free feature offers hygienic passage and eliminates the need to touch or push through a traditionally high-traffic, secured entry point.
  • Motorized Rotation. The MST-TE features overhead sensors on both the entry and exit side that smoothly start motorized rotation as a user enters.
  • Simple Operation. The touch-free and motorized functionality of the MST-TE eliminates any concern from users over the amount of physical force required to push through the turnstile.
  • Easily Upgradeable. MST-TE touch-free field kits are available, allowing facilities to easily add touch-free functionality to installed / existing Alvarado full height turnstiles.

Alvarado is a solution leader in protecting assets and controlling the flow of people. Alvarado security turnstiles, speed gates, admission control hardware and software, and retail queuing and protection products are used across the globe.

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Source: alvaradomfg.com

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