Hanwha Techwin America Cameras Earn Genetec Stratocast VSaaS Cloud Integration And Certification


Hanwha Techwin America announced that several of its WiseNet III and Wisenet Lite Series cameras have been certified on the Stratocast Cloud Integration for the Genetec Inc. cloud-based video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) solution.

Building on the two companies’ already strong partnership, this seamless integration allows end users to benefit from the combined strengths of the Stratocast cloud-based video surveillance service and Hanwha’s WiseNet III and cost-effective WiseNet Lite cameras to deploy high-reliability video solutions without incurring the costs associated with on-premises storage, software updates and ongoing maintenance.

“Genetec is an industry leader in IP and cloud-based video security services, and the combination of WiseNet III and WiseNet Lite cameras with Stratocast VSaaS delivers increased ROI and reduced total cost of ownership,” said Tom Cook, Vice President of Sales, Hanwha Techwin America. “As a result, many smaller and medium-sized end users are able to deploy high-quality video surveillance systems that fit within their budgets.”

“The video surveillance market is continuing to adapt and realize the advantages of cloud technology in IP security—for services like Stratocast, and ‘hybrid’ options for on-premises and cloud storage. End users are becoming much more comfortable with all of these solution choices,” said Christian Morin, Vice President of Cloud Services, Genetec Inc. “With growing adoption and comfort level in hosted cloud computing and storage, requests for VSaaS solutions are naturally increasing. With this in mind, Genetec and Hanwha are delivering this VSaaS and camera integration, so customers with a focus on the SMB market can benefit from an affordable, hassle-free and easy-to-use cloud-based solution that delivers enterprise-grade quality and reliability.”

The 17 cameras included in this integration and certification are:

Wisenet III Series:

  • SNV-6013
  • SNB-6010
  • SNV-6084
  • SNV-6012M
  • SNB-6004
  • SNB-6003
  • SND-6084
  • SND-6083
  • SND-6084R
  • SNV-6084R
  • SNO-6084R

Wisenet Lite Series:

  • SNO-L6083R
  • SNO-L6013R
  • SNV-L6083R
  • SND-L6083R
  • SND-L6013R
  • SND-L6013

Featuring the most advanced functions from Samsung, the WiseNet III Series includes 1.3MP and 2MP cameras for exceptional high definition images. Designed to meet and exceed market needs, WiseNet III cameras set the standard for professional security systems.

Delivering many of the same functions of the WiseNet III Series, WiseNet Lite cameras offer essential feature sets at an extremely competitive price point.

For more information about Genetec Stratocast VSaaS, visit http://www.stratocast.com/

Source: HanwhaSecurity.com

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