Haystax Technology and Houston Public Safety Agencies to Present at Secured Cities Conference


Haystax Technology, a leading provider of advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions, announced it will present with public safety agencies from the City of Houston at the annual Secured Cities Conference on Nov. 11, 4:00-4:50 p.m. Led by Jack Hanagriff, coordinator for the Houston Regional Asset Management Program (RAMP), this panel discussion is titled, “Inside the Digital Sandbox: How Houston Shares Public Safety Risk Analysis and Information Across the Region.”

Mr. Hanagriff will be joined by Haystax Field Support Operations lead Doug Pasley who will discuss how Haystax DS7, part of the suite of applications within the Haystax Public Safety Cloud™, is used by the RAMP to support all disciplines related to asset protection and response in the Houston-Galveston region. Haystax CTO Bryan Ware will discuss future plans for the Public Safety Cloud as it expands across the country.

Additional panelists include Assistant Chief Jeffrey Cook of the Houston Fire Department and Ian Feldman of the Houston Mayor’s Office. Chief Cook will present on Houston’s work with the system’s fire module and Mr. Feldman will share background on the foundation and core components of the system that support critical infrastructure protection and risk activities.

The RAMP is a multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional program that seeks to support all aspects of the public safety community. The purpose of the RAMP is to establish a self-sustaining program that provides key regional stakeholders with asset information during both planning and response endeavors. The RAMP is managed out of the Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security, and its governance is regional.

Haystax DS7 connects all front-line elements of the public safety community, providing a single source for data collection, prioritization, presentation, and analysis. By combining “on-board” analytical capabilities with assessment data, users are able to obtain a risk posture of their jurisdiction to plan for and respond to various threats and hazards.

The system supports multiple aspects of public safety related to response and recovery efforts by incorporating asset data with real-time feeds from field personnel and media sources into a single dashboard for situational awareness of the incident and its cascading effects.

“Haystax DS7 facilitates contributions and involvement of the whole community in the critical infrastructure protection process,” said Hanagriff. “It allows private industry personnel to maintain data on their own facilities, which in turn helps responders in their response. This also acts to maximize resources because it enables police, fire, and private industry to work together, providing a more comprehensive picture of critical infrastructure.”

Haystax Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions.

Source: haystax.com