HGH is at EDEX, New Cairo, to Showcase the SPYNEL Wide Area Surveillance Solution for Sky, Land and Sea.

HGH is exhibiting at EDEX 2021, to showcase their latest long distance surveillance innovations. All over the world, the potential for danger at borders is a real concern. SPYNEL sensors and their integrated CYCLOPE software benefit from new artificial intelligence features and improved performance, enabling the automatic detection of aerial threats up to 20kms, with a 360° coverage.

Surveillance equipment must be able to automatically detect and track a wide range of threats simultaneously, as intruders generally arrive from multiple directions and can use stealthy platforms barely detectable by radars. In the air, HGH SPYNEL solution simultaneously detects and tracks UAVs, helicopters or planes penetrating an airspace.

At sea, the panoramic IR solution detects and tracks RHIBs, small skiffs and swimmers approaching a port, a vessel or an offshore asset. On the ground, armoured pick-ups, crawling men trying to attack border posts, military camps or critical infrastructures are all automatically and simultaneously detected by SPYNEL IR sensor and tracked by CYCLOPE software.

Being able to detect, identify classify and track all maritime, aerial and ground threats is the promise of HGH. The company recently launched a new deep learning module for CYCLOPE software, enhancing identification and classification performances.

Easily connected to a Ship Combat Management System or to a situational awareness Command and Control Centre, SPYNEL is a quickly deployable, tailored and affordable surveillance solution providing a 360° protection bubble for military or civil assets. Edouard Campana, Leader in Wide Area Surveillance Product Line at HGH, commented:

“Civilian assets (oil rigs, pipelines, offshore stations) and military assets (air base, shelters, remote border posts, patrol crafts, warships) require to be secured against potential terrorist attacks or enemy incursion. Surveillance systems must be robust and adapted to harsh environment. The rapid deployment of a thermal imaging camera on a shelter roof or on a mast provides a panoramic protection bubble enabling soldiers or workers to keep focused on their mission.”

For more information, meet HGH booth 2 H2-A113 at EDEX, New Cairo, Egypt.

HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells electro-optics systems and software for security, defence, oil & gas, energy and various industrial applications. The company has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, through the development of multiple advanced sensors, systems and proprietary software. visit: www.hgh-infrared.com

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Source: hgh-infrared.com

Source: hgh-infrared.com