HiveCAM Intelligent Wireless Mesh Distributed Edge Camera System Released

hautespot hivecam

HauteSpot Networks Corporation, the premier provider of integrated wireless solutions for fixed, mobile, and nomadic IP video in the healthcare, broadcast, commercial security, and public safety industries, announced the release of the HiveCAMIntelligent Wireless Mesh Distributed Edge Camera System.

The HauteSpot HiveCAM is a revolutionary breakthrough in IP video surveillance technology. It combines a high performance IP-camera, a wireless router, a Video Management Server (VMS), a remote sensor monitor, and an open standard application server all into one small, easy to install, power-efficient package.

The HiveCAM is the first complete video surveillance system that is completely distributed.

Every HiveCAM is a self-sufficient system in itself. It starts with a full function x64 architecture Quad Core processor, massive 240GB mSATA SSD storage, a GPU capable of processing up to 1080p100 H.264 encode/decode/transcode, and I/O ports to support almost any sensor data gathering imaginable.

Matched to the processor is a 5-megapixel high performance, high speed imager which supports up to 50fps at high definition.

The imager is matched to a high quality varifocal lens and supports wide dynamic range.

For communications, the HiveCAM comes with a high gain 2×2 MIMO 2.4/4.9/5-GHz radio supported with a complete wireless routing stack.

The HiveCAM can be a wireless client, a wireless mesh node, or a wireless AP, depending on your requirements.

And its 1Gbps Ethernet port allows it to connect to other IP-cameras or devices. It can even act as a network video recorder (NVR) to those other cameras.

The HiveCAM is supported with HiveMINDER™, a new VMS software solution from HauteSpot which creates mesh nodes that can interconnect for the purpose of sharing video data and backup.

No central VMS server is required, every camera is a VMS node sharing data with other nodes and client computers.

“With the HiveCAM and HiveMINDER HauteSpot Networks is making the installation of outdoor surveillance networks simple, quick, and cost effective” said Charlotte Chang, CEO, HauteSpot Networks Corporation. “The HiveCAM eliminates the complexity of integrating a camera, a NVR, and a wireless router because it is all of these in one unit.”

“HauteSpot Networks will be demonstrating the HiveCAM at ISC West 2015 in Las Vegas and we hope everyone will come by our booth #13132 to see the HiveCAM and all of our new products,” Chang concluded.

HauteSpot Networks delivers leading edge intelligent wireless IP video solutions which are cost effectiveness and have a small eco footprint.

HauteSpot Networks’ high performance wireless routing and video processing platforms can easily be configured to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, security, military, transit, and healthcare organizations.

HauteSpot solutions are cost effective and require fewer components to manage than competing offerings, without compromising the integrity of the application or video quality. HauteSpot offers solutions for a range of applications and configurations including point to multipoint, point to point, mesh, cellular, and 802.11 Wi-Fi for both fixed, mobile and nomadic applications.

HauteSpot Networks’ innovative TDMA protocol supports wireless point to multipoint video streaming at extremely high speeds with the low latency and predictable stream timing that video applications require.

Founded in 2006 in San Luis Obispo California, HauteSpot Networks Corporation is privately held. It is a self-certified minority and women owned business.


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