Florida Lawmakers Send Bill To Governor To Ban Biometrics In Schools

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(Editor’s Note: This is a follow-up to Florida Lawmakers To Consider Banning Biometrics In Schools) – A bill that would ban Florida school districts from using biometrics —such as iris, retina, fingerprint, and palm scans— is poised to become law. Senate Bill 188, known as the biometrics bill, is sponsored by state Sen. Dorothy L. Hukill, R-Port Orange, whose district covers eastern Marion County. Hukill’s Senate-approved bill was substituted for state House Bill 195, sponsored by Rep. Jake Raburn, R-Plant City.

The Florida House approved Hukill’s version, which should be in Gov. Rick Scott’s hands to sign into law in a few weeks. The bill bans the collection of all biometric information from K-12 students, even if it is for security reasons like tracking bus riders or school attendance.

Additionally, the bill also forbids schools from collecting political and religious affiliation data from students and parents. Schools will also be required to transition away from using student Social Security numbers for record keeping.

Instead, districts must start using a unique Florida Student Identification number. Hukill’s bill also requires that parents and students “receive an annual notification of what their rights are with respect to their education records,” a press release states.

Hukill said the threat of this biometric data being stolen far “outweighs any benefit there might be in the schools using it.” “We are protecting our students’ futures by ensuring the protection of their biometric information today,” she noted. […]

Source: ocala.com

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