Invixium Launches IXM VERTU – An Elegantly Designed Card and Mobile Access Reader

Invixium announces the launch of IXM VERTU, a modern access control reader capable of reading RFID cards along with mobile credentials via BLE or NFC from up to 8 cm away. Installation takes mere minutes and configuration is easily completed for Wiegand or OSDP through a configuration app. For clients that already have an access control software solution, IXM VERTU can seamlessly be added to their existing access control system. Invixium’s suite of biometric products along with IXM VERTU will be on display during the ASIS Middle East exhibition at stand F7.

VERTU’s rich combination of features is built into a sleek, elegant two-tone enclosure that can be easily mullion mounted in small spaces and door frames, complementing any new or existing décor. Its IK08 impact and IP67 ingress ratings allow IXM VERTU to be installed indoors or outdoors. The durability and appealing design of VERTU make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium, expressed his excitement at the new possibilities for Invixium customers with the launch of IXM VERTU.

“While biometrics is the heart and soul of Invixium, we are humble enough to admit that not every door requires the extreme level of security that biometrics offers. VERTU strikes the perfect balance of sleek design and security.”

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Invixium designs and manufactures biometric security solutions utilizing face, fingerprint and vascular recognition for healthy access, workforce management, and smart building automation. Their fully integrated hardware and software solutions provide meaningful analytics to enterprises and industries for increased health, safety, productivity, and security. visit

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