Iris ID’s iT100 Selected by Leading Time and Attendance Provider

Tracy Inc. chooses contactless iris biometrics for its accuracy and ease of use

Iris ID announced that Michigan-based Tracy Inc. selected the IrisTime iT100 as its biometric data collection solution for the complex and demanding time and attendance environments found in government, university and manufacturing sectors.

The iT100, Iris ID’s customizable and contactless time and attendance platform, provides Tracy, which specializes in implementing labor management solutions, with a fusion of iris and facial recognition technologies to enhance the accuracy of its systems.

Scott Mowery, Sales Manager at Tracy, said the iT100 platform offers end users a fast, accurate and reliable method to help eliminate the costly fraud of “buddy punching,” where one employee clocks in or out for another while restricting access to secure areas. He said Tracy previously deployed other biometric devices. Still, they couldn’t offer the same high degree of accuracy provided by iris recognition, particularly with employees wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and goggles.

“We haven’t had any failed authentications using the Iris ID biometric platform,” Mowery said.

“The technology’s accuracy, speed and ability to eliminate the need for employees carrying plastic credentials is a real plus. If anybody was asking for a biometric time and attendance solution, this is the way I would steer them. The other options are not as robust or reliable.”

Employees clock in and out using the iT100, enabling fast, accurate and convenient authentication of employees standing up to two feet away, an essential consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The system has a capacity of 10,000 employees configured with a one-to-many authentication. Employee authentication takes less than a second – a speed that’s important at shift changes.

With Tracy maintaining the cloud-based backend infrastructure, the iT100 is ideal for use by enterprise organizations to smaller users without an I.T. department, Mowery said.

IrisTime’s open Android-based platform accommodates hundreds of current time and attendance applications while enabling independent software vendors (ISVs) to create custom software solutions that meet specific organizational needs. The device is shipped with a standard app capable of meeting the needs of many organizations.

Kurt Wherley, Iris ID’s director of sales for workforce management, said the iT100 provides a high return on investment.

“The iT100 eliminates costs associated with administering and managing punch, barcode, magnetic swipe or proximity cards and PINs,” he said. “IrisTime is the time clock for the modern workforce.”

Tracy has maintained a sharp client focus for over thirty years, providing custom-tailored, award-winning labor management systems.

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