Lenel Introduces LifeSafety Power ProWire Unified Power Solution For OnGuard-Connected Devices

Lenel, a leading provider of advanced security systems, is making available LifeSafety Power’s ProWire Unified Power Systems for Lenel OnGuard®-connected devices.

ProWire is an innovative, next-generation access system that integrates power and panels and is pre-wired for system power, lock power and communication to eliminate hours of installation labor. Available with capabilities for Lenel OnGuard power monitoring, ProWire’s real-time data monitors the performance of network-connected power, ensuring optimal system operation and up time.

Lenel is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

Developed and manufactured by LifeSafety Power, a leading provider of innovative power management solutions, the ProWire solution for OnGuard offers intelligent and networked functionality that yields a snapshot of the current status of power across the facility.

It provides data that shows exactly how access control and other systems are performing, allowing organizations to take proactive measures before potential critical system failures occur. ProWire is also available in a pre-wired, non-managed power solution to meet every reseller specification.

The modular, UL/CUL-certified pre-wired ProWire systems come ready to install, yielding consistent and repeatable results across the enterprise or multiple locations, eliminating technician time and guesswork. Also, a single ProWire unit can replace multiple traditional enclosures, saving space on wall and/or system racks.

“With access control serving as the hub for many disparate security systems, it’s become critical to have easily accessible, real-time data available about device performance,” said Jeff Stanek, general manager, Lenel, North America. “There’s never a good time for a security device to fail and with LifeSafety Power’s ProWire solution, end-users can count on getting the information they need to create better efficiencies and greater system uptime. ProWire can also be used for managed services like remote monitoring and maintenance—to reset devices, automatically test batteries, actively monitor actual system stand-by time remaining and other capabilities.”

Larry Ye, president and chief executive officer, LifeSafety Power, said with the many demands being placed on the OnGuard® platform, power systems need to provide the latest proactive analytics to increase system integrity.

“ProWire, when combined with intelligent managed power options, lets end-users gain visibility into system health and viability,” Ye said. “As a networked solution, ProWire allows data to be monitored locally or globally at a single user interface to optimize performance and increase operational efficiencies for the end-user customer.”

LifeSafety Power ProWire is available now through Lenel value-added resellers throughout the Americas.

Lenel is a global leader in advanced security systems and services developing innovative solutions to protect buildings, people and assets. Incorporating open architecture and third-party interfacing, Lenel’s enterprise software manages multiple best-in-class systems to provide a single, seamless security solution for customers worldwide, including corporate and government segments.

LifeSafety Power has effectively shifted the trajectory of the power supply industry by creating a new category of intelligent power management solutions that provide robust, proactive analytics to mission-critical devices.

Source: lenel.com