Liberty Defense Signs University of Wisconsin to Test HEXWAVE Walkthrough Screening Detection

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HEXWAVE uses low-power radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect all types of concealed weapons (including non-metal weapons, like 3D-printed guns).

Liberty Defense is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement (“CoA”) with the University of Wisconsin Police Department (“UWPD”) to beta test Liberty’s HEXWAVE™ security detection walkthrough portal on campus to screen students and faculty for improved campus safety.

UW-Madison (UW) is known as one of the top universities in the country and is the oldest and largest public university in the state of Wisconsin. The UW’s academic and athletic success attracts tens of thousands to the campus each year. UWPD is looking to provide enhanced security and safety without sacrificing a positive and welcoming student experience.

HEXWAVE goes beyond today’s metal detectors by using advanced threat detection with 3D radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect and identify concealed threats of all types, including metallic and nonmetallic weapons.

HEXWAVE is touchless and high throughput, responding to the needs of today’s security detection market. The system can be used indoor and outdoor and enables the implementation of a layered defense strategy. This provides security teams with more time to manage threats by detecting them at the perimeter of a property in addition to security checkpoints.

“It is a privilege to work with the University of Wisconsin and its Police Department, such a well-established and respected educational institution that is looking for innovative ways to keep the campus community safe,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

Universities are a major category in the public venues market vertical, making this partnership key for Liberty’s continued development of HEXWAVE.

“The security of our campus is, of course, a top priority,” said Kristen Roman, Chief of Police at UW-Madison.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to be the first campus to test this new technology. We understand how important it is for organizations to keep innovating when it comes to security, and we look forward to kicking off the testing in 2022.”

This beta testing phase is a key part of HEXWAVE’s development process. Testing the system in operational and diverse facilities can help to ensure that it is aligned to market requirements. Beta testing is expected to begin in Q2 2022 and progress into Q3 2022. Liberty Defense has recently signed a collaboration agreement to beta test HEXWAVE at the Maryland Stadium Authority’s Camden Yards Complex.

In other news, Liberty is announcing the termination of a project with the BIRD Foundation and Levitection, Ltd. The joint venture ended when Levitection declared bankruptcy and was no longer able to fulfill its contractual obligation and the requirements of the BIRD grant. Liberty has returned to the BIRD Foundation all $113,000 USD of the total awarded funds.

Although Liberty will not be creating a joint product with an Israeli partner through the grant at this time, the Company is focusing efforts on its previously announced collaborations for technology development and testing with organizations such as the Transportation Security Administration and Micro X.

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Liberty Defense provides multi-technology security solutions for concealed weapons detection in high volume foot traffic areas and locations requiring enhanced security such as airports, stadiums, schools, and more. Liberty’s HEXWAVE product, for which the company has

UW is a public research university in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded when Wisconsin achieved statehood in 1848, UW is the official state university of Wisconsin, and the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin System.

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