LifeSafety Power Takes Data Analytics To A Unprecedented Level With Software-Driven Solutions And New Integrations

Breakthrough overhaul of iconic Multi-Site Manager and continued refinement of intelligent networking solutions on display during ASIS Seminar & Exhibits 2017.

LifeSafety® Power continues to turn the power category upside down with never before seen analytics in product solutions, readying to unveil some of the most innovative changes to the industry during ASIS, September 25 through 28, 2017, in Dallas, TX.

The company has been building on its line of networking solutions, introducing new data analytics capabilities for connected physical security devices with integrated software-driven intelligence that gives security integrators and end-users assured confidence in the reliability of their security and life safety specifications.

At ASIS 2017, booth 1341, the company will display the next-generation FlexPower® Multi-Site Manager (MSM-Enterprise), now with the ability to manage an unlimited number of power-connected systems across the enterprise and extract comprehensive information, producing charts, graphs and other critical data for proactive site management and maintenance. Now PC-software driven, MSM-Enterprise makes it simple for systems integrators and end-user customers to see or export statistical information, for example, voltage fluctuations over time, standby power and incidents of AC power loss or spikes for a rich history of power across the protected premises.

“Today, it’s all about data,” said Joe Holland, Vice President of Engineering, LifeSafety Power. “If the data collected is difficult to extract or in an unwieldy form, it’s difficult to interpret and use. LifeSafety Power, by moving MSM-Enterprise from an appliance-based product to a software database, allows instant access and usable data to monitor, assess, maintain and troubleshoot connected solutions quickly and easily. Users can click on an array of different tabs within the program to ascertain the operability of systems and their ongoing health and viability and interpret power variances or voltage events.”

Also, as part of its move to raise the intelligence of networked solutions, LifeSafety Power has redesigned its power distribution board, with new visual indicators via colored LEDs that make it easy for installers to properly install a dual-buss voltage system without metering and in a fail-safe manner.

Staying with the theme of integrated analytics, LifeSafety Power will showcase its ongoing partnership with Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls and its Software House C•CURE 9000 solution. The integration with LifeSafety Power’s intelligent network monitoring modules allows C•CURE 9000 users to receive and centrally manage alerts and notifications through the software for monitoring and control of PSX power distribution modules. Most recently, Mercury Security released an application note for client integration between LifeSafety Power data and Mercury firmware, allowing systems partners full programming management. Prior, users would need to download a CSV file to save data in a structured table format. Now, that information is natively available for interpretation and review allowing partner clients of Mercury to utilize the monitoring information and alerts generated by the LifeSafety Power capabilities.

LifeSafety Power will also demonstrate its Unified Wired™ system, the highest level of integration between a power system and an access control solution that delivers a “unified” pre-wired unit. It combines globally-specified Authentic Mercury Security hardware with LifeSafety Power’s intelligent power communications in an aesthetically designed enclosure. Fully factory wired and tested in the U.S. and meeting stringent Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards, it seamlessly incorporates Mercury Security controller hardware and includes options for deploying intelligent networked power solutions for managed services. Unified Wired includes all lock and system power connections, reducing the complexities it takes to wire a system on site and saving both installers and end-user customer’s time and money.

Finally, LifeSafety Power addresses the high-end, mission critical market with Helix Armour™, designed with critical resiliency, redundancy and networking capabilities. The award-winning family of power management solutions, also on display at the show, provides seamless failover protection with automatic backup switchover of AC or DC circuitry to reduce risk of system downtime and outage. The predictive networking reporting of Helix Armour sets a new standard of reliability with real-time reporting that optimizes and maintains the highest levels of performance.