mCloud Partners to Offer Connected Building Solutions

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Partnerships with three utilities in the United States and Canada enable businesses to optimize building air quality and energy efficiency with support from their energy utility

mCloud Technologies announced it is offering its AssetCare™️ solutions for HVAC and indoor air quality (“IAQ”) to small business customers of three major North American energy utility providers, two in the continental United States and one in Canada.

mCloud will bring its full suite of IoT- and AI-powered capabilities to drive meaningful energy savings and help businesses ensure their buildings are compliant with government-mandated health and safety regulations in three of the largest and policy-forward parts of the US and Canada.

mCloud unobtrusively provides advanced HVAC and IAQ optimization capabilities to these utility business customers, enabling them to receive utility-sponsored incentives using AssetCare to help them reduce, track, and audit their energy consumption, indoor air quality, and greenhouse gas footprint.

The AssetCare HVAC and IAQ solution uses AI to drive HVAC energy efficiency improvements of up to 25% alongside continuous visibility and active management of a building’s ventilation system. Air purification technologies connected to AssetCare ensure indoor building air is healthy and safe for occupants at all times.

Based on information provided by the three utilities, the Company estimates these utility partnerships will make AssetCare HVAC and IAQ solutions available to approximately one million commercial buildings in the US and Canada.

“As businesses re-open to the public, customers and employees alike are looking for assurance these establishments have taken every possible precaution to provide a safe environment,” said Dr. Patrick O’Neill, mCloud’s President, Connected Buildings.

“Through the support of our utility partners, we are positioned to help thousands of small businesses in these highly populated locales realize operational savings through reduced energy use and improve their revenue potential through the delivery of enhanced IAQ to attract safety-conscious customers.”

mCloud is unlocking the untapped potential of energy intensive assets with AI and analytics, curbing energy waste, maximizing energy production, and getting the most out of critical energy infrastructure.


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