MOBOTIX Unveils New Products, Partners And Innovations At IFSEC 2018

MOBOTIX (Stand C310) is showcasing its latest product line and technology partnerships that reflect an emerging culture of openness within the company. MOBOTIX welcomes 6 partners onto its booth to demonstrate a range of exciting new integrated solutions.

MOBOTIX is demonstrating the first public appearance of its new MOBOTIX MOVE line of cameras, the first ONVIF G compliant series.

It is able to deliver three H.264 streams at the same time. The MOBOTIX MOVE series consists of four models and is also the first MOBOTIX camera series offered with the latest market standard features such as motorized varifocal lenses, integrated IR illumination and Wide Dynamic Range functionality.

“We listened and the MOBOTIX MOVE series is our response to requests from integrators and installers who asked for standard products when it comes to tenders where the specification requires features like PTZ, varifocal lenses and WDR.” explains Thomas Lausten, Chief Executive Officer of MOBOTIX.

“MOBOTIX MOVE products are specified and tested by MOBOTIX in Germany and manufactured under supervision. Our customers can be sure that we won’t lose our product DNA and all MOBOTIX MOVE branded devices are delivered and supported according to the same high-quality standards our customers expect.”

MOBOTIX is also showcasing the second generation of its flagship Mx6 camera line with new integrated MxBus functionality.

This two-wire cable system developed by MOBOTIX is encrypted against cyberattacks and expands camera functions by including practical additional MOBOTIX modules such as the MX-GPS-Box, a reliable time server for a complete video system.

the MX-GPS-Box

MOBOTIX is welcoming several partners to its IFSEC booth this year, with products, services and executives from Genetec, Ipsotek, Kentix, SEDI, SeSys and Wavestore.

The technology demonstrations from these partners showcases how MOBOTIX innovations in areas such as video encoding, decentralized operation and analytics delivers true end-to-end integrated solutions that solve real world challenges in not only security but other areas such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing.

“The inclusion of more partners at IFSEC is an example of our ongoing strategy of making MOBOTIX more open and responsive to the needs of our entire ecosystem for the benefit of our customers,” explains Lausten, “MOBOTIX is an innovative company with engineering excellence at its heart and as a global supplier, our inclusive strategy is helping us to enter new markets by providing our partners with more flexibility to address a wider range of projects with our systems.”

The IFSEC presence also highlights several additional themes including cyber security, Internet of Things and advances in artificial intelligence that MOBOTIX technologies play a critical role in delivering as successful projects.

“A number of solutions use our decentralized concept with various sensor technologies and other devices across the network to reliably detect situations and independently initiate actions in responses,” says Lausten, “Our goal is to take our industry beyond human vision and blend sensors, communication and analysis that helps users increase process efficiency and develop innovative business models.”