MSA Security Celebrates Solid Growth And Expansion In 2018


MSA Security celebrated significant expansion and growth in 2018. MSA opened four new offices and ATF licensed canine training facilities last year in Hong Kong, China; San Diego, CA; Memphis, TN; and Orangeburg, NY.

The company anticipates opening an additional three regional training centers in 2019 to keep up with escalating market demand for its Explosive Detection Canine Teams —known as Windsor Teams— and the rollout of TSA’s new Third Party Canine Program for cargo screening.

These new locations will enable the company to enhance the quality of service throughout the nation and across the globe.

Currently servicing 30 countries, MSA’s Hong Kong office became the company’s first brick and mortar corporate office outside the United States.

“As our global client base grows, we will continue to meet their needs with the most advanced explosive threat detection, protective services, and security solutions in the industry,” said Glen Kucera, Chief Executive Officer of MSA.

“Our strategic growth plan calls for further expansion into key regional markets in the Asia Pacific region such as Singapore and Japan. These additional offices will enable MSA to provide quality customer service while also addressing the continuing training requirements of our canines, handlers and field operatives.”

Within the United States, the company continues to ramp up with the addition of both corporate office locations and regional canine training facilities. MSA’s west coast office in San Diego includes both a corporate office space and adjoining canine training center, totaling 7,500ft2.

This set up allows the company to support both the administrative and operational sides of the business as it continues to expand across the West coast.

In Memphis, MSA opened a 12,000ft2 canine training center strategically located in the nation’s largest air cargo transit hub.

This ATF licensed facility enables MSA to conduct routine canine sustainment training using real high explosive odors in settings that replicate various air cargo environments and meet the TSA Third Party Canine program requirements.

MSA Security’s Vice President of Global Operations, Justin Kelley notes, “this facility enhances our capacity to support air cargo clients with top tier explosive detection canine teams. With new TSA regulations for cargo screening underway, and continuous increases in air cargo commerce, MSA’s expansion positions the company as a leader in the space.”

Most recently, MSA opened another regional canine training facility in Orangeburg, New York. Located only 15 miles outside of Manhattan, the site allows all Windsor Teams in the metropolitan area to undergo quarterly quality assurance testing on real high explosive odors.

Routine exposure to high explosive odors is operationally challenging but critical to the success of any Explosive Detection Canine. The training center’s proximity to New York City, the greatest terrorist target in the world, establishes MSA as the ideal provider of explosive detection services in the region.

To answer current and future demand, MSA plans to open three more regional canine training facilities in key hubs throughout the United States in 2019, reaching a total of 7 nationwide. New facilities will be located in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles, with additional sites under consideration for 2020 and beyond.

Each regional facility will allow canine-handler teams to perform quarterly operational training and annual certifications on high explosives and homemade explosives, as opposed to stimulant odors. They will be designed to mimic actual operational environments where cargo searches, vehicle sweeps, and bag checks are frequently conducted.

MSA offers a range of customizable solutions, including explosive detection, protective services, intelligence, investigations and consulting.

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