Multi Site IP-Camera Surveillance System Completed For Tonga Police

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Praesidia Alliance, Tonga, has received their final completion certificate for a multi site IP-camera system installed for Tonga Police. The project was implemented by Tonga Police following funding from the Australian and New Zealand governments, with the completion certificate issued jointly by Australian Federal Police and New Zealand Police representatives.

The CCTV system features Hikvision IP-cameras and NVR’s with the main viewing console in Tonga Police Operations Centre and remote administration from Police Headquarters. Tonga Police had previously conducted a review of the Central Station watch-house to determine if there were any areas which could be improved upon.

Recommendations included the need for a surveillance system. A contract was signed with Praesidia Alliance, Tonga, to supply and install a CCTV system. The new system came online and extensive testing was then conducted.

This system includes an advanced integrated security and CCTV networked system that captures the entire watch house. This facility now offers a safer environment for staff and prisoners. Policy and governance has been strengthened and training of staff in the new procedures commenced shortly after.

Funding for this initiative was received from the Tonga Police Development Program (TPDP), which is a trilateral arrangement between Tonga Police, New Zealand Police, and the Australian Federal Police which focuses on developing leadership and building an efficient and effective Policing service that has the trust and confidence of the community.