Mushroom Networks Introduces ThirdEye 4000i For Mission-Critical PTZ Surveillance


Mushroom Networks, innovators in Broadband-Bonding™ and Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) platforms, has launched ThirdEye 4000i, a hardened, Internet bonding device that can combine up to 4 cellular data connections into a single Internet connection so that video surveillance systems, such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) surveillance cameras, can be deployed without requiring wired Internet connections and still support high fidelity, high resolution and low latency over bonded cellular modems. With four embedded modems that support all carriers worldwide, a wide temperature range, greater vibration tolerance, and perhaps most importantly, Mushroom Networks’ proprietary Broadband Bonding technology, the ThirdEye 4000i is an ideal solution for remote surveillance applications without access to wired Internet that require mission-critical reliability.

“With four modems and our Broadband Bonding technology to combine naturally unreliable 3G/4G/LTE feeds in order to boost performance and reliability, the ThirdEye 4000i is the ideal platform for mission-critical surveillance,” said Cahit Akin, founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks. “By some measures, PTZ surveillance will be a $2.6 billion market by 2020, including fixed as well as mobile and portable use-cases, so there is a market need for cost-effective solutions that can ensure these camera feeds get to where they need to go.”

The ThirdEye 4000i is an Internet bonding device that is optimized for PTZ camera applications for remote video surveillance. The ThirdEye field unit can house up to 4 embedded modems and can bond them into a single fast and reliable IP connection that is optimized for PTZ remote video surveillance. The ThirdEye field unit accomplishes true packet level bonding, so that the video feed from the PTZ camera can have higher throughput and higher reliability even during otherwise unavoidable 3G/4G/LTE wireless network fluctuations or disconnects. Moreover, the small form factor of the 4000i has been hardened for in-vehicle use, as the platform’s certifications include EN50155 class TX, which is a certification for trains as well as fanless operation with a wide temperature range and wide vibration tolerance.

The ThirdEye 4000i is ideal for portable or mobile video security and remote video surveillance applications where the field unit can be installed in a moving vehicle or at a location that doesn’t have a wired Internet connection. Mushroom’s Broadband Bonding technology optimizes the available several Internet connections that are connected to the ThirdEye unit to shield the negative effects of the unreliable connections from the video application layer.

The ThirdEye 4000i is going to be available during third quarter of 2016.

Mushroom Networks, Inc., is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA, providing patent pending Broadband Bonding solutions to a range of Internet connection applications. The company’s flagship product line serves SMBs, enterprises, multi-tenant buildings, and broadband service providers and bonds dissimilar broadband access technologies forming a single highly reliable broadband pipe that can easily scale based on needs.


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