Newly Released Car Camera Range

We have recently extended our range of car camera systems that help protect your vehicle whilst on the road. The Akenori Pro 1080P is our top of the range car camera that provides full 1080P HD recordings and features built-in speed camera detection to warn you when a speed camera is approaching!

Our HawkEye HD Car Camera camera features full 1080P recordings and has motion detection built-in that senses when there is movement in and around the vehicle.

If the motion detection feature of the HawkEye takes your fancy and you also require night time recordings then look no further than our Cube 3 HD Car Camera. The Cube is a great little recorder unit that is easy to use and is proving an instant hit among taxi drivers, domestic drivers, fleets and all users.

Our other latest car camera releases include; the DriverEye HD Car Camera, HawkEye Duo Car Camera and the Raptor Nano Vehicle Camera System that is perfect for use on bikes, taxis and all types of vehicles.

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