ONVIF Announces Winners From Open Source Spotlight Challenge

ONVIF® has announced the winner of the first ever ONVIF Open Source Spotlight Challenge.

The winning app, CAM X, submitted by Canada-based developer Liqiao Ying, offers an Artificial Intelligence-based object detection system that utilizes blockchain solutions for storing information obtained from ONVIF cameras.

The two-month online challenge, offered in conjunction with BeMyApp, offered lucrative cash prizes for developers who use the protocol provided by ONVIF to create open source mobile or desktop applications for advanced video streaming.

The submissions were required to be compatible with the latest release candidate, Profile T, which supports both H.264 and H.265 video compression standards. Developers connected to online prototype cameras with Profile T functionality from Axis Communications, Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Dahua Technology, Hikvision and Uniview for the challenge.

“The purpose of the challenge was to solicit creative, open source ideas from outside the ONVIF organization and from outside the industry, helping to expand our perspective,” said Hans Busch, Chairman, ONVIF Technical Committee. “We are excited about the diversity of approaches that were employed amongst the different submissions and the possibilities that exist for further development of the apps for future use by ONVIF.”

In all, 37 submissions were judged on innovation, viability of implementation, functionality and whether the app is easy to navigate and use. Seven finalists received $800 each, while first, second and third place earned $3,000, $2,500, and $2,000, respectively.

All of the finalist app submissions, including second place winner RPOS Open Source Camera and third place winner Open Camera, will be viewable on onvif.org.

Founded in 2008, ONVIF is a leading and well-recognized industry forum driving interoperability for IP-based physical security products. The organization has a global member base of established camera, video management system and access control companies and more than 9,000 Profile conformant products.

With Profile S for streaming video; Profile G for recording and storage; Profile C for physical access control; Profile Q for improved out-of-the-box functionality, Profile A for broader access control configuration and the Profile T

Release Candidate for advanced video streaming, ONVIF continues to work with its members to expand the number of IP interoperability solutions ONVIF conformant products can provide.

ONVIF® is a global and open industry forum that is committed to standardizing communication between IP-based physical security products to ensure their interoperability and to facilitate their integration.

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Source: onvif.org

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    Has anyone received any prize yet. I am not even getting replies of my queries. Don’t know what to do next. They asked for my account number and i haven’t received payment yet. I tried asking but no replies from their side. I am fed up of mailing them at this point. Didn’t expect such a treatment.

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