Optex Targets Transport Security

Optex targets transport security

Next week at Transport Security Expo, Olympia, London, Optex will be exhibiting complete detection and access control solutions tailored for the transportation sector.

This includes high security intrusion detection systems for perimeter protection; access control, directional analysis, and thrown object detection systems to protect controlled areas; and obstacle/people detection for railway safety applications.

Intrusion detection is paramount to protect airports compounds, railway tracks and depots, warehouses; a complete perimeter intrusion detection system will be demonstrated live on the stand, including Exmesh’s Fastrack fencing system with 4095/2089 mesh which has Network Rail approval, on the top of the Exmesh Fastrack fencing system will be the laser detector, Redscan, with a customised firmware to detect objects thrown over the fence.

Exmesh also manufacture a PIDS Fencing System that can incorporate LED lighting, PTZ camera as well as Optex’s new 25 zones fibre optic detection system that detects any attempt to climb or cut through the fence.

To make the system even more secure, the PIDS fencing system incorporates protected cable channels and mounting rails for standard conduit systems and/or armoured cable.

To protect controlled areas and add a greater level of security to card access doors, Optex will showcase tailgating and piggybacking solutions that will notify if more people than specified in the access control system are trying to enter the area.

Additionally, the OPTEX people counting and directional analysis system can count how many people are in the controlled area and detect if someone goes the wrong way, such as entering through an exit door.

OPTEX will also be exhibiting the railway crossing obstacle detection systems designed by TEW Plus and deployed by Network Rail.

This system confirms that no vehicle or person is trapped between the railway crossing barriers before the signals are changed allowing trains to pass safely.

Finally, OPTEX will be holding a perimeter security workshop as part of one of the break out sessions on Tuesday 2nd December between 12.10 and 12.30. Entitled ‘Enhanced Security and Safety by Detecting People and Objects in Controlled or Critical Areas’, the talk will be given by Ian Henderson, Export Director at OPTEX.

Ricky Miwa, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe, says these new developments show that the company is constantly investing in research and development for sensing technology in order to support its transportation customer’s projects:

“Transport companies face many security and safety challenges, whether that be to protect infrastructure, material and goods, or protect passengers. We have a number of very exciting product developments and new technologies to demonstrate to visitors at Transport Security Expo,” he says.

Source: optex-europe.com