OPTEX REDSCAN PRO Lidar Sensors Fully Integrated with Genetec Security Center for Enhanced Perimeter Protection

OPTEX has announced its award-winning REDSCAN PRO LiDAR Sensors are now fully integrated with Genetec Security Center, to provide enhanced perimeter protection for the highest security sites. The announcement follows a long period of engagement between the two firms, even prior to the launch of the latest OPTEX sensor series, to ensure the data and algorithms could be fully integrated and interpreted by the Genetec Security Center platform.

REDSCAN PRO: For Outdoor & Indoor High Security Applications

OPTEX announce the new REDSCAN PRO laser detection sensor, featuring the longest range yet in our REDSCAN series, making it the best solution for the highest security sites. The latest evolution in the award-winning REDSCAN LiDAR series, REDSCAN PRO can very accurately detect intruders to a range of 165x330ft, without any ‘gaps’ in the detection or the reliability ‘fading’ with range. By creating rectangular as opposed to circular (fan-shaped) detection patterns, there are no unnecessary overlaps.

Optex Announces 12 Channel Bridge That Simplifies Visual Verification

OPTEX is expanding its Intelligent Visual Verification solution by introducing a 12 Channel Visual Verification Bridge. This powerful gateway is the new hardware device that allows security professionals to connect ONVIF compatible cameras and alarm sensors to the Cloud based Visual Verification Portal powered by CHeKT. Aimed primarily to monitored alarm systems, the solution provides central station operators the ability to visually verify alarm threats within seconds, and respond accordingly.

OPTEX People Counting Technology at Heart of New Social Distancing Solutions

An innovative and highly accurate people counting technology from OPTEX, the global leader in sensing and detection, is at the heart of a series of new solutions to support social distancing in business and commercial environments as the COVID-19-enforced lockdown is being gradually lifted throughout the Europe, Middle and Africa region. The MQTT protocol enables data to be communicated in real time and for the people count to be instantaneously updated

OPTEX Launches Qxi Series of Double-Layered and Compact Outdoor High-Mount Pirs

OPTEX is launching the QX Infinity (QXI) series, a new range of general application outdoor intrusion sensors for the EMEA region. The QXI series is a family of compact, outdoor sensors that provides a 12m detection area up to 120° in width. A particular benefit of the new range is that the sensors are specifically designed to be mounted at heights of up to 2.7m, making them less obvious to intruders and out of reach from vandals. QXI-DT also has anti-blocking features.

OPTEX to Showcase Vehicle Virtual Loop, Lasers, and Visual Verification at GSX 2019

OPTEX is showcasing their integrated solutions for critical infrastructure, intrusion detection, high end asset protection and loss prevention security applications at GSX 2019. Sensors that detect vehicles are becoming more and more important. OPTEX vehicle sensors detect the motion and presence of vehicles and can be used in many applications. They utilize multiple technologies to provide the right level of detection capability for each unique application.

OPTEX Partners With CHeKT For Global Security Solutions

CHeKT, announces a partnership with OPTEX, the leading supplier of outdoor sensors for intrusion security. CHeKT delivers a visual-monitoring platform for alarm monitoring centers. This partnership with Optex will significantly advance the protection capabilities of security integrators globally. The solution relies on “The CHeKT Bridge” the first product brought to market by CHeKT, of Shreveport, Louisiana. With years of development, the CHeKT Bridge premiered in April 2018 at the ISC West trade show.

OPTEX’s Enhanced Version Of Its Long-range Lidar Is Now Available

OPTEX has developed new versions of its product firmware and configuration software for its award-winning laser sensor, REDSCAN RLS-3060 series, that brings greater functionality to the existing models. Version 8.0 of the RLS-3060 series firmware and REDSCAN Manager feature a number of upgrades for the long-range, 190 degrees 2D LiDAR series. The new version brings features to the standard model 30m radius RLS-3060L that were only available in the high-end model previously.

A New Era In Area Sensing And Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

Innovative laser scanning technology from OPTEX, can now be integrated with the Genetec Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance module, to deliver a new era in security and detection in outdoor and indoor environments for airports and other critical infrastructure sites. Via the RSA Surveillance module, OPTEX’s award-winning REDSCAN laser sensors can now send real-time events and alarm data to the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center, alerting control room operators to any intrusion in the surveillance area.

Optex To Extend Its New Laser Range And Certification Program

Leading sensor manufacturer OPTEX has announced the global roll out of its outdoor and high-resolution indoor laser sensor RLS-2020S, complementing its next-generation REDSCAN mini sensor that features a 20x20m detection range. The S-model features an enhanced microprocessor that provides more powerful sensing capabilities. In indoor environments, it can be set up to identify fast traveling objects or very small objects. This information can be relayed to a Video Management Software (VMS) to provide a quicker, more accurate response. The sensor is PoE compliant, and can send alarms via traditional relay outputs or by using its IP based Redwall event code that is integrated with all major VMS platforms.

Optex Targets Transport Security

Next week at Transport Security Expo, Olympia, London, Optex will be exhibiting complete detection and access control solutions tailored for the transportation sector. This includes high security intrusion detection systems for perimeter protection; access control, directional analysis, and thrown object detection systems to protect controlled areas; and obstacle/people detection for railway safety applications.

Optex Redhawk Intruder Tracker Wins Award

Redhawk, an innovative software application developed by The Hawkeye Effect that maps and tracks multiple intruders to a precise GPS coordinate, recently won the intruder alarm category of the Benchmark Innovation Awards at Ifsec. Redhawk is a software application that works in conjunction with the Milestone Xprotect video management software (VMS) platform, with the Optex […]

Optex Integrates With Exacq For Minimizing Video False Alarms

Optex Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of security infrared and laser technology, announced today the integration of their sensors and detectors with the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS) from Exacq Technologies. The result will minimize video false alarms for outdoor perimeter applications. Optex detection products are integrated into the exacqVision Professional and Enterprise VMS software […]

Optex Integrates New Solution That Provides Advanced Tracking Capbilities

OPTEX will be demonstrating at ASIS 2013 an advanced security solution that gives end users unprecedented capabilities in tracking and responding to intruders through tight integration of OPTEX’s Redscan laser detector, Milestone XProtect video management software, and RedHawk software from The Hawkeye Effect. The integrated solution not only allows precise auto PTZ tracking and response, but also provides a mapping capability that tracks objects in real time. “Integration is a key to achieving the best security,” says Mac Kokobo CEO at OPTEX. “Each company brings specific expertise and industry leadership to security applications. But the real power is seen when you combine and integrate the various capabilities into a single solution. Thanks to our Redscan laser detector, Milestone’s open platform, the IP video cameras, and The HawkEye Effect geo-spatial mapping together bring unmatched levels of intruder detection, tracking, and response.” The Redscan laser detector can be seamlessly integrated into the Milestone XProtect VMS, including defined zones and events codes, so that PTZ cameras can be triggered to view the intrusion. Other responses, such as alarms, access control lockdowns, or security lighting, can be defined on a zone-by-zone basis. “The Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) architecture enables this combined solution with OPTEX and The Hawkeye Effect, providing unique new tools for taking action. We value the strong partnership between us to deliver innovative technology to customers in the security industry,” says Reinier Tuinzuing, Strategic Alliance Manager, Americas, for Milestone Systems. By adding RedHawk geo-spatial software from The Hawkeye Effect, users achieve […]