OPTEX to Showcase Vehicle Virtual Loop, Lasers, and Visual Verification at GSX 2019

OPTEX Vehicle Sensor

OPTEX is showcasing their integrated solutions for critical infrastructure, intrusion detection, high end asset protection and loss prevention security applications at GSX 2019 in booth #917.

Sensors that detect vehicles are becoming more and more important. OPTEX vehicle sensors detect the motion and presence of vehicles and can be used in many applications. They utilize multiple technologies to provide the right level of detection capability for each unique application. OPTEX also have an expanding lineup of accessories.

Restricted Security Areas

With their technology partnership solutions with Genetec OPTEX helps expand restricted security area coverage from the outer perimeter-to-indoors for better identification of suspicious activities. Create wide and vertical OPTEX patterns using the Genetec RSA surveillance technology with OPTEX Redscan laser sensors, providing rapid geo-location activities around designated restricted areas.

Laser Detection for Intrusion

The RLS-2020 series provides state of the art indoor and outdoor detection capabilities, such as: Above ceiling or below floor detection, rooftop, wall, gate or perimeter security detection — all in a variety of applications, including data centers, commercial environments, gates, and even residential settings. The Redscan provides both advanced IP integration with industry leading VMS  platforms and analog/dry contact connections with intrusion and access control panels — simultaneously and is UL listed!

OPTEX Visual Verification Solution

The Visual Verification Solution helps “bridge” the gap between sensors, ONVIF cameras, alarm panels, & monitoring centers, utilizing the CHeKT technology. This solution is easy to install,backward compatible, reduces service calls, and increases revenue. Additionally, it’s incredibly fast, dependable, and gives the decisions to the end users.

OPTEX How it Works

OPTEX is the leading sensor manufacturer in the world and has proven experience with sensing and detection systems.


Source: optexamerica.com