Optex Redhawk Intruder Tracker Wins Award

Optex Redhawk wins award

Redhawk, an innovative software application developed by The Hawkeye Effect that maps and tracks multiple intruders to a precise GPS coordinate, recently won the intruder alarm category of the Benchmark Innovation Awards at Ifsec.

Redhawk is a software application that works in conjunction with the Milestone Xprotect video management software (VMS) platform, with the Optex laser sensor Redscan, and PTZ cameras with absolute positioning.

The sophistication of the application, which can stitch views across the site and inside buildings with multiple storeys, gives security professionals a real world view so that they are constantly aware of where the intruders are and can take the most appropriate action.

The software application transforms a satellite image or building floor plan into a map, where every pixel on the screen is an accurate GPS coordinate.

It then uses the X&Y coordinates from the Redscan laser sensors, and overlays this data onto the new map created.

The system is able to auto-track up to 20 targets to the exact GPS coordinate and instruct the cameras to look to the precise location and zoom out to follow the centre of a group of people.

Jeffrey Blair, CEO of The Hawkeye Effect says: “Redhawk’s innovation is to remove the function of tracking from the camera and use the laser sensor together with a GPS mapping solution instead. The intelligent map receiving the information from the Redscan detector takes control via the Milestone VMS and instructs the cameras to look at the exact location, enabling it to stitch views together and smoothly track multiple targets inside or outside.”

Source: securityworldhotel.com

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