Orchid Video Management System 23.12.0 Released


IPConfigure announces the release of Orchid Fusion/Hybrid/Alto VMS version 2312.0 and Orchid Recorder (Core VMS) 23.12.0, both available for download now.  Customers using IPConfigure Cloud services should expect to see their cloud sites updated to version 23.12.0 within the next ten business days.

In order to better convey the relationship between Orchid software components, Orchid Core VMS is now Orchid Recorder Orchid Recorder 23.12.0 was released on January 11, 2024.  This release supports detailed, granular audit logging for all aspects of camera viewing, recording, and configuration.

New Features

  • Orchid Core VMS is now Orchid Recorder!
    • Orchid Recorder changes colors to match its parent system.
  • Orchid Recorder now provides audit logging of user interactions with the system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix database performance issues that could cause archive loss events.
  • Fix issue where the Orchid Recorder service could crash while attempting to stream JPEG WebRTC streams.
  • Improve ONVIF error messages for cameras that fail to report UTC datetime information.
  • Fix issue where camera-side motion events would remain in the active state for some Hanwha cameras.
  • Fix issue where motion masks would occasionally save incorrectly.
  • Improve visual contrast of the Smart Search player controls.
  • Fix issue where the Leave button on the Advanced Property page would not leave the page.
  • Fix issue where the Dewarp Configuration slider appeared enabled when dewarping was disabled for a camera.
  • Fix issue where double-clicking the bar chart on the System Report page would cause broken formatting.
  • Fix issue where the Next Motion button would fail when playback speeds were set lower than 1x.
  • Minor UI layout improvements.


  • The audit_logging property now defaults to true.
  • The orchid.disable_onvif_event_whitelist property is now deprecated.

API Changes

  • Update Audit Log endpoints from their initial beta format to full release versions:
    • GET /audit/services
    • GET /audit/logs
  • Create new endpoint for exporting Audit Logs in csv format:
    • GET /audit/logs/export
  • Create new endpoints for retrieving users and cameras present in Audit Logs:
    • GET /audit/users
    • GET /audit/cameras
  • Version response now includes a “locale” field reporting the language code property setting:
    • GET /version

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Source: ipconfigure.com