Orion Entrance Control And Near Field Magnetics Provide Higher Level Of Access In Motion At ISC East


Near Field Magnetics, Inc. (NFMI) is pleased to partner with Orion Entrance Control, Inc. at the upcoming ISC East show, November 15th & 16th booth 549, to demonstrate its next generation patented hands-free access control technology integrated with Orion’s world-class turnstiles.

NFMI provides hands-free readers and Personal Access Keys (PAKs) that have up to 15 feet of tunable range and work through and around metals and other materials that adversely affect RF based products (Bluetooth, RFID, cell phones, etc.). The readers and PAKs allow users to pass through an authorized entrance without having to wave a card, push unsanitary buttons, or do anything other than approach an entrance.

Facility managers gain significant benefits over existing systems by tracking all entrances and exits from the building. NFMI’s access control readers and PAKs can also be used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities allowing hands-free access without using unsanitary keypads or access cards.

Dave McManus, CEO of NFMI, said “It’s a privilege to be partnering with Orion ECI. Their turnstiles are the best-in-class and the opportunity to integrate our patented technology with Orion’s technology will provide a seamless experience for users and better security for facilities throughout the world.”

“We are always striving to partner with the latest technology to provide access in motion,” said Orion ECI CEO Stephen Caroselli. “Adding Near Field Magnetics, Inc. to our turnstiles and speed gates enhances the experience. This allows for a faster and more secure lobby or entrance.”

Near Field Magnetics, Inc. (NFMI) designs and manufactures wireless sensors and systems that operate where traditional RF based sensors fail. Our access control products allow for seamless entry and exit from facilities of all types while providing detailed real-time records of all entry and exit transactions to facility security. The company is located in Milford, NH.

Headquartered in New Hampshire, Orion Entrance Control, Inc., is an American manu-facturer of innovative and customized access control turnstiles and speed gate solutions.

Source: nearfieldmagnetics.com

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