Pivot3 Unveils Virtual Security Console


Pivot3, a leading supplier of video surveillance and virtual desktop (VDI) hyper-converged infrastructure, announced the introduction of the Pivot3 Virtual Security Console, designed to allow users to deliver secure SOC capabilities at any time, in any location.

The Pivot3 Virtual Security Console (VSC) allows users to flexibly deliver secure, centralized video management capabilities at any time and any place without deploying additional expensive, graphics-enabled PCs.

This unique approach permits VMS administration to be managed either on-site or remotely, and brings significant cost savings by allowing the use of existing PCs or thin clients for security monitoring purposes.

The infrastructure enhances mobility by offering access to VMS permissions through any Web-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets.

The solution is completely scalable and designed to meet the demanding needs of markets such as corrections, casinos, retail and manufacturing or any environment in which secure viewing is a priority.

VSC appliances are designed to easily integrate with an existing vSTAC Watch array but can also be deployed outside vSTAC Watch arrays or alongside competitive solutions.

The appliances are optimized to deliver an enhanced viewing experience through hardware graphics acceleration using Teradici APEX card for CPU offload and NVDIA GRID K1 card for GPU offload.

The Teradici APEX reduces CPU overhead by offloading the most active 100 virtual displays to ensure its capabilities are used where most needed.

NVIDIA GRID technology delivers the ability to offload graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU in virtualized environments, allowing users to achieve graphics-rich experiences.

“Surveillance users continually search for new ways to centrally manage operations of their systems while building a more robust and secure IT-centric environment,” said Curt Wittich, VP Worldwide Sales, Pivot3. “We have designed the Pivot3 VSC to reduce the need for additional hardware investment in SOC environments while increasing data security and enabling more mobile operations.”

The release of the VSC appliance follows Pivot3’s recent upgrade of its vSTAC OS, which fuses shared storage, networking and virtual servers. Pivot3 vSTAC OS defines, creates and virtualizes all physical storage —including SSD and hard drives— across an array into a common pool of RAID-protected SAN storage.

It features a non-disruptive, fully integrated maintenance capability that enables administrators to dynamically upgrade and manage appliances while maintaining virtual server and storage availability.

Virtual machines are allocated to other appliances within the array to ensure continued performance and flexibility, that enhances data and video protection.

Source: pivot3.com