Point Fort Fichet Partners with Essence Security to Provide the MyShield Intruder Intervention System to the French Security Market

The ASSA ABLOY subsidiary selected Essence’s advanced active solution after identifying a need among French property owners to have direct, remote control over security

Essence Security announced its collaboration with Point Fort Fichet, France’s leading locksmith network and a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY AB (ASSAB:Stockholm). The partnership aims to distribute and implement Essence’s all-encompassing MyShieldconnected smoke-generating intruder prevention solution across France. 

MyShield is available for private properties, retail establishments and small businesses — specifically those dealing with large volumes of tax revenue– to fortify these spaces against intensifying security threats.

The rate of break-ins in France rose nationally by 3% in 2023, creating a demand for active intervention security solutions. As the first standalone security smoke device, MyShield is at the forefront of the battle against security threats with its ability to proactively detect and act to ensure swift intervention and minimal risk to property damage.

Point Fort Fichet and Essence

Through this partnership, Point Fort Fichet will offer Essence’s MyShield system as a complement to its portfolio of preventative security solutions, which helps consumers gain control of their security from a smartphone or tablet. Together, Point Fort Fichet and Essence offer customers the ability to take direct action, enhancing safety protocols and providing peace of mind to business owners and residents alike.

“As theft and burglary rates rise, we are excited to partner with Essence Security to provide our customers with direct intervention capabilities to stop intruders in their tracks,” said Frederic Colin, Managing Director of Fichet Division of ASSA ABLOY France.

MyShield complements our high-security offerings by providing property owners, especially those who own small businesses, with an added layer of protection that takes auto-surveillance up a level to auto-action. At Fichet, we aim to address the demand for comprehensive solutions that are redefining the meaning of security, and we’re proud to collaborate with a company like Essence to help us achieve this goal.”

MyShield stands out for its intrusion detection and intervention capabilities through security smoke generation. The award-winning, first-of-its-kind device deploys a veil of harmless yet disorienting smoke that fills a room in 30 seconds, forcing intruders off premises before they can cause harm to people or property. 

MyShield’s Rapid Response and Enhanced Protection

MyShield acts as a ‘first responder,’ significantly narrowing the window of time in which intruders can operate and providing an enhanced level of security to residential and commercial users — particularly advantageous in high-risk environments with lone workers or unoccupied buildings where rapid response is crucial. MyShield provides Point Fort Fichet customers full agency over their residential and retail properties’ security.

“In today’s dynamic security landscape where threats are constantly evolving, it’s not enough to just passively watch; there must be action and intervention.”  said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder of Essence Group.

“Partnering with a security leader like Point Fort Fichet ensures home and business owners in the French market will have direct control in protecting their assets. Together we are building on our combined expertise to deliver a comprehensive service that makes properties all over the country safe and secure.”

MyShield’s Seamless Integration and Versatile Features

Easy-to-install, MyShield’s battery-powered system includes an integrated motion detector, high-definition video camera to eliminate false alarms, voice announcement and rapid action remote smoke deployment. It utilizes cellular IoT networks and can be used as a standalone app-based solution or integrated into existing security systems. The low-maintenance device can be easily moved to ensure properties have 24/7 security on demand for reliable protection.

To access MyShield through Point Fort Fichet, please visit here.

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